How are Official Branches made?

this is a wip lol

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Hello everyone! In this guide, ill be showing you how you can make your own Backrooms language branch and (maybe) get it to become official one day.

The Language Itself

Now, there are currently over 18 Unofficial Branches (as of writing this) and they are all growing overtime. Why is that important you may ask? Well you want to make sure that the language branch you are gonna make doesn’t already exist, if it does you can still contribute to it. If you want to check the current languages list click on this!

The Beginning

Now that you’ve got your language found and ready to start getting contribution, you will first have to open it up on the ULI, to do that, you will need to make one translation of your article (other than the home page) and then post it with the instructions that are directly on the ULI (and don’t forget to add the Language’s translation block). A bit later, when you have around 2-3 translations, you should open a Wiki for it and optionally, a Discord, these will help you keep track of the current articles and keep the community together. If you want to grow a little bit faster you can definitely post your branch in the #self-promo channel of the official Discord server.

The Middle of The Story

Once you’ll get a pretty good community going with members and staff, you will have the following goals:
- Translate every guide from the guides hub. (Except User submitted essays)
- Translate every important component. [REQUIRED]
- Translate level 1-8 and a majority of important levels.
- Have basic and important articles such as Smilers translated.
- Organize the Wiki and community.
- And lastly keep your community up with new and interesting things such as contest to keep your branch alive!
(Note that these all aren’t required to be done except for the components.)

Becoming Official

This step is the hardest and most hardest one of them all, the Backrooms wikidot team requires you to have a few things in order to get Official status.
- Have at least 100 Members.
- Having a stable staff team and a good greenlighting system.
- Make sure to not have content that breaks the site’s rules.
There are more unlisted requirements.
If your wiki respects all of these requirements, you can private chat the International Maintenance Team’s leader.

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