"An Infinite Bus Depo"
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Class 4

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Note: The survival difficulty is how dangerous the level can be at its peak of danger

The Infinite Bus Depo is an enigimatic level of the backrooms. The level was discovered on 04/11/1997. It is crucial for level discovery and level exploration.


Level 156 as stated above, is a seemingly infinite bus station. Although it is only around ~400 meters level-to-level in width.

This level has a day and night cycle of 16 hours. 4 hours of day, and 12 of night.
The level has two different areas: The terminal and the station. The outside is always
covered in snow, only sometimes it snows, but it doesn't change the amount of snow there is. It very is slippery outside, like trying to stand on a slippery, ice covered slope. The ice is thought by many to be more slippery than the ice found in the Frontrooms. Always use extreme caution when traversing through this level!

The terminal

(Survival Difficulty Class 0)
The terminal is a brick building that looks like it's built in the 1880's to the early 20th century. The building is large, but finite. It has the same style a building built at that point in time1. The terminal is where you end up when entering this level. The terminal does not pose any entities except for docile adult and child Facelings. The terminal is the safest place here. There is tons of food here. With vending machines and a restaurant, A has a temperature of 22°C or 71°F.


A picture illustrating a building, and one of the many buses on this level.

The Station

(Survival Difficulty Class 1 During the day, Class 4 during night.)
The station is just as safe as the terminal as long as it is day. Don't forget the cold temperatures. You are probably here to get to another level, if so check when the bus departs and arrives, it's important to have it in the daytime if you want a smooth ride, But more on that later. Daytime it has a temperature of around -0°C or 32°F. A jacket is required to survive. When it's nighttime the temperatures reach -18°C or -0.4°F. You will probably freeze to death, If you manage to manage tackle that, Good luck with the entities. The people who have survived the night say that there is next to no visibility. Perhaps why the entities are searching prey in the night. It is highly recommended to bring a crew of atleast five with proper equipment, such as guns and proper clothes and first-aid kits. Even then it's not safe. If you plan to be here at night. Only go out if absolutely necessary. Many have dissapeared without a trace at night. Good luck if your bus departs at night, you might not make it. The entities can see you, you can't see them. Security cameras show that they also sometimes search for bodies.
You don't want to be here at night.

The buses

The buses are very useful, they lead to many different levels.2The buses are completely free to ride on. Bring food and water here. They don't serve that here3. The bus drivers are facelings and are really nice according to many. It's the bus drivers that serve food. To know which level the bus leads to, take a look at the characteristics of the bus. The buzzing lights of level 0 as an example. The time
it takes to get to your wanted level varies. The higher the level, the more time it
takes. Going to Cluster ll may take days or even weeks to reach your
destination. Going to enigmatic level may take up to a month!
The properties of the buses are strange and unknown. Such as the fact that they don't
need fuel to function properly. An investigation by the M.E.G will take place the 27th of January 2022. The rest of the properties will be kept secret for your safety.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Unnamed M.E.G Base
•Plays a big role for level discovery and exploration
•128 inhabitants, ~Half are permanently stationed here, whilst the rest aren't
•Mainly made to explore and discover new levels
•Friendly to wanderers
•Open to trade
•Located in the terminal

Tom's Diner
Staffs the restaurant on the terminal with chefs, waiters and janitors
•19 Facelings and humans in total work for Tom's Diner
•Gets food restocked around every ~2 months by the M.E.G.
•Serves as a small social hub within the level


Hounds, Smilers, Skin-stealers, adult and child Facelings all inhabit this level.

Entrances and Exits:

Finding a bus station in Level 9, Level 11 or in rarer cases, Level 10 and entering it will get you here. The only mapped out way to reach this level is in Level 9. Note: these are roads you're gonna follow, no paths or anything else. To start head straightforward until you can turn right, turn right until you end up where you started, After that head forwads until you reach a t-intersection and the road ends, turn left and after that turn left whenever you can again and a bus station can be seen. Entering it brings you here.
Being in a bus in level Level 69 and no-clipping in it can get you here.
To exit, walk to either a suburblevel 9, a citylevel 11 or a fieldlevel 10 to enter their respective levels, Or of course, entering a bus and it will take you out of the level.

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