yui-JamiMyst || Level 148 - "Remember Me?"
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level 148 is the place you met her. you remember, don't you?


look where she ended up, all alone.. with no one to save her.. are you proud of yourself?


level 148 is a flat, mirrored world that seems to go on infinitely in all directions.
as of now, the bus stop you're met with when you arrive here is the only known structure on this level.
level 148 has a unique weather pattern in which it is always raining, the rain will progressively worsen the longer one spends within the level. there is only one entity within this level, but aria is gone now, she's gone and you didn't even say goodbye. how could you do that to her?

bases, outposts, and communities:


  • she remembers what everyone did to her, how she ended up here.
  • you get to experience everything she did here.
  • your own personal hell.

i remember you. it's me…

entrances and exits:


You can rarely find a lost stuffed bear with a stitched "x" shape in place of the missing right eye, covered in bandages. this was her favourite.
waste your time exploring somewhere else, you're not welcome here.


there's no escaping the consequences of your actions.

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