Where Everything Is Dull
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One of the first known pictures of The Greyscale Park.

Where Everything Is Dull, commonly referred as "The Greyscale Park," is an enigmatic level of the Backrooms, and is one of the most phenomenal levels one can come across.


The Greyscale Park consists of oddly symmetrical structures tinted in shades of black and white, that are tremendously large and have the surface of aluminum plating. There are aluminum bars that are visible and stretch throughout the border of the level, with the outside from the level leading to a bright white and dull void.


Another picture of The Greyscale Park, taken by an anonymous photographer.

One is most likely to enter the level while being nearby one of the edges. The slopes of this level carry a gravitational force, meaning that an individual can walk freely on any platform, defying the laws of physics in the process. One can identify the level as being dull, frigid, and moist upon entering. Winds do not travel noticeably through here. Although, the level itself appears as big, it's still delicately silent. The length of the level is measured approximately 10km wide and 10km tall. The level is super ambiguous and alters itself with small details, due to the fact that this is one of the more unstable levels within the Backrooms.

If one were to attempt noclipping, they would be transferred back to the position from where they had entered the level previously. Another anomalous aspect of The Greyscale Park, sleeping in the level would distort the architecture the next time the individual would wake up. The circumstances would increase each time one would sleep separately.

In conclusion, this level is very desolate. One is not likely going to be able to survive and persist,
and they must bring an abundant quantity of important supplies.

The Void


The photo of the level's void captured by Finn G. Ledger, a coworker of the M.E.G. foundation, inevitably pronounced dead.

The void of the level is visible outside its boundaries, and can appear glitched or malfunction from time to time. The glitchy conditions are intensified at the farther depths of the void. As detailed above, it is a bright white and empty space, but the void provides a light source for the level. It isn't recommended to look directly at the void for too long, as one would experience pain, and then go blind within fifteen seconds. One particular photo of the void has been published, and is now put on display. The photo was taken within the deep abyss of the void, in reason as to why there is a corrupted atmosphere in the picture.

The Slumber Stages

The Greyscale Park also includes sub-layers. The sub-layers can be accessed if one sleeps in the level. An individual can progress through the phases each time they would sleep separately.

Phase 1

Sleeping in the normal level then waking up will have one end up in Phase 1. Phase 1 is exactly similar to the normal level, except one can notice a few slight misalignments and deformed parts as well. No pictures have been taken of this phase, because it isn't very distinct or surprising compared to the last sub-layers of The Slumber Stages.

Phase 2

If one has slept once again, but in Phase 1, they will be assigned to the second phase the next time they wake up. One would wake up in a different spot then where they were previously slept before. There are cracks bleeding from the walls. The sub-layer also trembles at random intervals, a sudden quake can constantly trip someone over in their situation. This event is uncommon however. The lacking hue of the sub-level is more harsh, as many of the shades have withered away.

Phase 3


The only known image taken of Phase 3, possibly captured by accident.

Managing to sleep in Phase 2, will take one to Phase 3, which is where the sub-levels become hazardous. The map itself is constantly rotating at a fast pace, and would sicken anyone. A sudden movement can teleport one to a different sector of the sub-layer without any warning. The texture of the design feels like a gooey substance, yet the walls and the floor are still solid. One can feel as if they are falling, but in reality are actually standing up. Because the sub-layer is always rotating at a swift speed, gagging and throwing up will be a natural situation. This is the last sub-level in which one can escape and enter a different level of the backrooms, but it is immensely crucial to accomplish. Most people are doomed when they have reached this part of the level.

Phase 4: The Breaking Point


An image of The Breaking Point.

The Breaking Point is the final sub-level, and the final phase of The Slumber Stages. It's highly dangerous due to the amplified corruption and instability. It is difficult for one to know their place upon entering this phase. The walls and floor are always shifting and altering itself, making it hard to traverse through the area. There is a frequency vibrating throughout the sub-level measured at 7hz, and can cause one to become light-headed and severely woozy. Any individual can frequently fall through the solid floor at any time when least expected. It is hard to fathom where everything is positioned, leaving one to be fatigued, then die from the unbearable nausea. Because of how unrealistic it is to envision the level, one can lose touch with themselves and forget their status.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

Due to the harsh environment of this level, it's difficult to establish a base, outpost, or community.

Entrances And Exits:


No proven methods of entering this level have been recorded thus far. However, it is rumored that anyone can enter from any other enigmatic level of the backrooms when unanticipated.


  • Breaking a tampered aluminum wall and entering through the hole inside will lead one to Level 0, in some rare scenarios Level -1. It is difficult to accomplish, considering 3% of the tampered walls will have a tunnel inside.
  • If you manage to break away from the gravitational force at the edge of the level, you would soon be falling within the void. Do not attempt this.

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