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Level 124 is the '125th' Level of the Backrooms. Called: Cave Nightmares. This level consists of Infinite cave structuring that randomly generates different caves and environments. There are tabs explaining the known caves in the level. To enter the different cave levels you would have to traverse around, Level 8, Level 147, there would be different feelings and smells that's when you find the entrance.

Containers filled with black goo.


Level 124's Dark Goo Cave's are known for the distinct smell of rotten flesh,Including a weird gooey black substance. Even though the caves are a Deadzone, wanderers make camps in the level while said being around the goo will make you have some form of Dizziness and Vomiting. The origin of this level revolves around an ecosystem cave for some anomalous reason this cave turned to black goo in the mid 1760's due to this most inhabitants either drowning, and missing.

In the cave the lush environment still somehow stays even though the whole habitat turned to the black goo, you will see frequent entities the sightings are not that high but they still somehow go to the level, even though most entities seek its best to avoid it.

The habitats and environments of this level is nearly unknown due to the fact it changes constantly every 1000 year, the recordings of said changes are unavailable at the moment but dont worry you wouldn't need them anyway.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Outpost 1 Distant Colors [inhabitable]

Not like its a living outpost by any means, its overrun with the strange black goo everywhere to its said that the substance can acidize your skin this outpost used to be a trading area but then one of the walls had a soft side and collapsed thus introducing the goo.

Community 1 Last Resort [Slightly Habitable?]

This community consists of mostly wanderers they protect it with Rotten almond milk, and deceased human remains, it is said they do a cycle every 2 months to keep the goo away. Pickaxes and other tools are said to be used to carve out inside these caves. This Community is open for trading and gives you comfort from the outside, do not by any means get too comfy.


A wanderer in a cave.

Additional Description

Wanderers in this cave structuring tend to leave notes near their path, some wanderers even found a whole cave system with notes that dated back to the 1830's era, the black goo begins to flow almost like an ocean in some large caverns inside the caves. No corporation and no huge groups are said to control this level at the known time.

The black goo dissolves anyone who touches it but if you have drank rotten and or unrotten almond milk you can survive the goo, Mr.⬛⬛⬛ Found this theory out in the year 19⬛⬛
even though the caves are seemingly infinite. It is said this cave system somehow isn't just full of infinite caves, some sightings of mineshafts and skyscrapers that are glitched inside have been said to exist.

A screenshot of this showed them but suddenly vanished from thin air, the anomalist entity's in the cave are unknown at the time and no other entities from other levels exist inside this known cave structure. If you stay too long in the caves you will start to have delusional hearing, baby noises are often heard when this happens better bring a flashlight it will take a while before you exit this hellhole.


In level 1 a giant shipping crate filled with a dark goo and a red switch will take you through to this level. On Level 10 If you jump on a puddle of Almond Milk you might end up in level 124. Some containers might have the gooey substance. You can also find this level on many cave levels, including Level 8 and Level 147.


If you are lucky you can exit from the way you came, which is a rare chance of happening. The only other known way is to go inside the massive hole near one of the caves that will lead you to level 1…

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