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A picture of the backstage's pre-stage area.

Level 801 is the 802nd Level of the Backrooms. It is a dark and dangerous area resembling a frontrooms theater 'backstage'.


Level 801 is a large space consisting of small, neat hallways lined with white bricks intersecting at odd angles and expansive rooms featuring ropes and pulleys, scattered props and catwalks above the ground level. The level is split into a few smaller areas, the most notable are as follows: the corridors, the pre-stage, the curtains and the stage.


The corridors

The Corridors

The corridors are a system of long, tunneling corridors which seem to go on without end. They are lit by precariously hanging fluorescent lights with a similar hum-buzz to those on Level Zero. The walls of the hallways are white bricks, similar in size to that of a brick of cement, with a texture feeling reminiscent of stucco walling. The floor of the corridor changes jaggedly and suddenly from carpet featuring parallel lines and patterns of mismatched colors to hard, plastic tile floors. Throughout the corridor, wanderers have reported hearing a faint and distant noise of hustle-and-bustle, rolling carts and walking. The source of these sounds remains undiscovered. The hallway is lined with various doors leading to small rooms, pre-stage areas or blank walls just behind the threshold.

The Pre-stage Area

The pre-stage area is a large area resembling a stage from the frontrooms just behind the curtain, where props are staged and actors wait patiently for their roll. This section is less of an area, and more of a special type of room that is discovered quite often throughout the corridors, and leads to the curtains. In this area, there are many exposed electrical boxes, seemingly controlling various aspects and elements of these rooms, such as pulleys and speakers. The boxes have been shown to control these aspects, releasing and tightening winches, playing music from large speakers and turning on a variety of stage-lights. However, the boxes are noted as odd because of their clear, complete and utter lack of external connection to any of the systems they control.


An instance of white curtains.

The Curtains

If you are to venture through the pre-stage area to the front, where the curtains lie and continue on, you will enter the curtains. This is a maze of curtains, seemingly un-ending in size. There are various instances of the curtains, ranging in size from 3 square miles to over 100. The curtains are velvet and heavy. Some unknown force seems to wildly swing the curtains about, opening and closing them on occasion, ranging from small movements and adjustments to quickly moving a curtain in speeds of up to 50mph. This can cause severe injury due to the weight of the curtains themselves and serves to further confuse wanderers into becoming lost. As mentioned before, there are several instances of the curtains, but they act differently depending on the color of the curtains themselves. The differences are listed below:

Blue Curtains

Blue curtains are generally considered the safest kind of curtain to find. In these areas, no entities have ever been found, but several implements of psychological warfare from either the curtains or level themselves are present. For example, many wanderers report increased levels of disorientation, anxiety, hopelessness, panic attacks and fears of being watched. These symptoms collectively are known colloquially as stage fright.

White Curtains

White curtains are the most common type of curtain found by wanderers. Similar to blue curtains, they inflict stage-fright on wanderers within their bounds. Further, they are the most common type of curtain. The primary differences between blue and white curtains are the existence of entities within the white ones and their height The white curtains seem to extend infinitely high, or at the very least, far beyond ever wanderer has ever observed. Another odd behavior comorbid with this is known as falling pianos. Very rarely, wanderers will hear a high-pitched whistle noise accompanied by a large circular shadow beneath the wanderer. If you see this: BE CAREFUL. You are currently experiencing a Piano event.

*Piano Events

At the conclusion of this event, a piano moving far faster than terminal velocity will crash into the wanderer, falling from above, invariably killing the wanderer brutally. The scene is strangely reminiscent of cartoons in which characters have something falling on them from above. The only known way to survive this event currently has been to either quickly exit the curtains or, in some rare cases, use the curtains themselves to deflect the piano from killing the wanderer.

Purple Curtains

Purple curtains are one of the most bone-chilling type of curtains. Purple curtains share with all other types the stage fright effect, but to a far higher degree. While blue and white curtains have ample light for the wanderer to somewhat navigate, purple curtains are absolutely devoid of light. If at all possible, the wanderer should NEVER enter purple curtain areas. Besides the piercing darkness, there is a large population of entities within the curtains, from skin-stealers to hounds, clumps, skin-givers, bone-thieves and very prominent numbers of smilers. These smooth curtains hide mounds of bodies, quite literally. No body has ever been discovered in these curtains. Even when wanderers have heard someone perish just next to them, their dying, blood-curdling scream somehow echoing through the muffled and uncaring cloths, their body had already been swallowed by the stage.

Red Curtains

Red curtains are the most dangerous type of curtain. They are bathed in a red light, emitted from emergency lights littering the floor, ceiling, walls and curtains themselves. But what makes them so dangerous? Well, falling piano events are far more frequent and stage-fright will often lead to immediate, crippling anxiety attacks and sometimes even heart attacks and strokes have been reported. The overwhelming danger, however, comes from the simple fact that they do not lead to the stage area, or even back to the pre-stage, but rather any exit from the red curtains will either lead the wanderer to Level ! or (if they have already been there) Level Fun =).


A picture of the stage taken by a member of The Actors.

The Stage

Finally, once the wanderer has made it through the curtains, they will land in the stage. This is a single area, led to by every individual instance of the curtains. This seemingly impossible feat has led to the level to be classified as 'non-Euclidean'. On the stage, the wanderer will see a theater filled to the brim with a level-exclusive entity known as The Audience, described further in this article. At this point, the wanderer is prompted by a primary member of The Audience to "Show them your stuff!" and "Break a leg!". The wanderer must then perform a (at the very least) serviceable act for The Audience or consequences will ensue.

If the wanderer performs favorably, they will be gifted with a large cache of supplies, lasting several months, and be escorted to the exit of the level. If the wanderer's performance is mediocre or average, they will be quickly escorted to the exit with no such prize. If the performance is unsavory, distasteful or simply bad, The Audience will converge upon the wanderer, and by an unknown process, transform the wanderer into an Audience Member. For their first 48 hours as an Audience Member, an ear-piercing scream can be heard, presumably from the wanderers fading consciousness.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

This level surprisingly features a few notable outposts.

The Actors

The Actors are made up of several artsy-type wanderers who have performed favorably for The Audience, and have chosen to stay, putting on regular performances for them. They remain human as The Audience is not hostile until a bad performance is given, but they never cease to disappoint! The Actors have seemingly achieved immortality, as their oldest member and leader claims to be former Australian prime-minister Harold Holt, a man born in 1908 who continues to appear to be around fifty years old.

He originally formed the group because after being no-clipped into the backrooms, he began to grow, as he has stated himself, 'dull and tired'. So, upon discovering this level and giving an amazing performance of his 1966 election speech, so impassioned it won the hearts of The Audience. He chose to stay, much to their delight, and invited anyone who gave such performances to join his group. This invitation extends till even today. Notable members include Holt himself, Richey Edwards, Connie Converse and Elvis Presley (who's murder-attempt was thwarted by him no-clipping away and death faked).

M.E.G. Base Thespians

M.E.G. has set up an emergency supply and research base within a pre-stage area adjacent to a set of blue curtains. The outpost is made up of several creatives and artists, who provide wanderers with theatrical, musical and oratorical training to allow them to safely escape the level.

Level-Exclusive Entities

The Audience

The Audience is a large group of faceless beings, similar to facelings, with impossibly pale skin and frail frames. They are clad in 1920s Hollywood formal attire, from classic tuxedos to dresses with shoulder-less sleeves and deep neck lines. No gender for these beings can be distinguished, due to their lack of hair and taught-skin. They move unnaturally quick, but otherwise similar to a human. This is odd, given their lack of muscle definition and body fat. They have the ability, to on contact and at will, convert a human to an audience member. Their population is currently around 15 98 589.

They show no signs of aggression until met with poor performances.

The Puppetmaster The Mirror of Humanities Failures

The puppetmaster is an entity only theorized to exist on this level, thought to exist above the curtain areas. This is the entity often blamed for throwing the falling pianos and moving the curtains at random. This is a being of near-infinite power and most likely created the first audience member. It's appearance and overall existence is unknown.

A reflection. A mirror. The sorry excuse of humanity shown nakedly what it is. They must blame something. They must create an enemy, a boogeyman. There is no boogeyman. There is only you, and the darkness within.


Entrances And Exits


The only known entrances to the level are found on Level 11, where theaters can occasionally be found between the sky-scrapers. Entering one of these buildings will bring the wanderer directly to the corridors of Level 801.


The most common exit is found through the stage-area performance, and is a simply door located at the back of the auditorium. If one attempts to access this area without permission, they will be prematurely converted to an Audience Member. Further, the red curtains directly lead wanderers to either Level ! or Level Fun =).

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