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Class 5

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The first image of Level 706 photographed with sonar technology by a M.E.G worker.

Level 706 is the 707th Level of the Backrooms, and it is a bouncy house with restricted sight and peculiar physics.


This level is an endless bouncy castle littered with common obstacles such as pillars, slides, and ball pits. The bouncy house has a large vertical height of twelve meters, or nearly forty feet. The bouncy castle have seemingly infinite length on both axes. As such, the obstacles scale to this incredible size, with towering pillars that challenge old oak trees, mountainous slides prepared for an avalanche, and deceptive seas of ball pits. The bouncy castle has a lingering smell of rubber and latex due to it's flexibility. There is also a constant sound of airflow due to the infinite space to fill.

The main danger in this level is the concept of light, or more specifically the lack thereof. Any devices or mechanisms that produce light seemingly have no effect here, despite using energy in devices such as flashlights. In conducted research, the batteries in a flashlight had died while it was "on". The only sense of sight in this level are other people, as all travelers in this level give off a faint glow. This radiance and its range grows as you get closer to other travelers. Traveling together or as a lone wolf is often a double edged sword, since a group's bio-luminescence will attract Smilers and other entities. This phenomenon is still being researched, as a Smiler's bio-luminescence does not appear. This causes Smiler's to be incredibly dangerous due to their only identifiable feature being said bio-luminescence.

The properties of the air flow and its interactions in the bouncy castle typically do not follow the laws of physics. Due to the rubber's non-Newtonian properties, large forces against the bounce house will cause it to feel solid, while light forces will grant fluidity. While the source of air is unknown, it is likely faster than the speed of light due to the need for infinite mass and infinite kinetic energy. The bouncy house has multiple rooms and is completely linear, as demonstrated by placing markers and returning to them. There is also a lack of nets within the bouncy castle, so it is unknown what is outside of it, although it appears grounded on some sort of surface.

As young children roam and get lost, their skin will be freed from their frail bodies by skin-stealers to recycle as carnivorous balloons, and the useless corpse is stored away in a preserving fluid. It is unknown where they reside then. Whether to forever collect dust, or become something more… twisted.


There is a spiky and spiny appendage in the ball pits that will attempt to lure and suffocate you in the ball pit; It is currently unknown whether this is a known entity. The Smilers will remain neutral when you are not around others, as your light is too diminutive for them to feel concern. But as you get closer to others your light glares enough for Smilers, Skin-Stealers, and Partygoers are able to see you through the darkness.

Cricoons can take many forms of their cocoon, as well as different luring mechanisms. The most common form of cocoon appears to be a blanket with the sound of crying. Another Cricoon variant has a cocoon made of a mesh of melted balloons. They will tumble around the bouncy house as the rubber bends. Getting too close to a Cricoon will result in some sort of creature covered in a tar-like fluid to jump out and quickly bring someone back into their cocoon for sustenance as they are fused with the Cricoons body through the process of osmosis.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M.E.G Expedition: Project Dolphin

  • Project Dolphin is a M.E.G sponsored expedition created to discover the possibilities of sonar imagery.
  • Project Dolphin was founded by M.E.G members (formerly scientists) who believe that sonar technology can greatly decrease the danger of the backrooms with such foresight.
  • Level 706 was chosen for this project, as its success could greatly increase safety and habitability in this level.

Entrances And Exits


There is a slim chance of entry when no-clipping anywhere on Level 200, though it is more likely when no-clipping in a playground.

You can also enter via no-clipping when coming off of a slide in the play-place on Level 283.

Entry can be achieved by finding a carnivorous balloon with the number 706 sloppily written on the side with a marker. Popping this balloon will transport you to this level instead of releasing a toxic gas.


An exit can occur when going down a slide and when you land at the bottom of the slide you can no-clip into the sky in Level 9.

If you can make it to the bottom of a ball pit (of which their deepness varies) without being suffocated by the appendage inhabiting the pit there will be a small hatch at the bottom. Going through said patch will reverse gravity and lead one up through the floor of Level 25.

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