Wilm Lu D2
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Level 979

My hand felt that
It was raining outside.
There's a metal door in front of me.
It's cold, black and nothing behind.
I don't know what am I facing,
What am I going to do.
It doesn't matter.
I don't have a choice.

I don't know where am I.
I'm on a car above the ground.
It's flying!
Outside the window,
There's a lot of people standing.
I'm looking at her,
Somewhat familar.
I don't know why.

Currently, I'm on the ground.
It's the best thing I've seen.
Everything is that familar.
The people,
The environment,
The buildings,
All of it!
I don't know:
Do I really need this?
Is this actually


Are you still there?

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