Wilm Lu

Level 979

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Please note: This level is named as "Level 962 -'The Gate and the City', this is only a notification, this is not involved in the full text. "


Class Varied

  • Changing Safety
  • Unpredictable Security
  • Fluctuating Entity Count

Level 962 is the 963th level of the backrooms.


Level 962 is a level made up with 2 areas. These 2 areas are completely different. The attempts of transfering several wanderers in all ended in failure.


Area 1 -"The gate and the yard":


Class 3

  • Unsafe
  • Secure
  • Medium Entity Count

The area appears as a residential area with many buildings. When wanderers get transfered here, this is the area that they're in. In front of the wanderers, there's a iron gate in black. The gate has no latch or lock on the door, the door can be opened by both pushing and pulling. The average tempreture here is 28℃. There's a broadway with some building by side behind the doot. The wanderers will feel a force forcing them to open the door. Usually, the wanderers will open the door within 5 minutes and get transfered to Area 2. After 5 minutes, countless entities, such as Smilers, Clumps, Skin Stealer and so on. These entities will appear in front of the wanderer and kill the wanderer fiercely.

Area 2 -"The Underground City":


Class habitable

  • {$one}
  • {$two}
  • {$three}

When wanderers open the door and walk through it, they will get transfered here. This area appears as a city in 80s style. There are many human-like entities in this area. Many wanderers report that the entities and the scene are the scene and the people that they've met in their childhood. It is large enough that the M.E.G. has theorized that it is liminal. There are all kinds of supplies here, such like Almond Water, Fire Salt, and Royal Rations. Additionally, there are pure and drinkable water in this area, which is extremely hard to find in the backrooms. There are many buildings in the level. Shops fulled of supplies, schools, residential buildings, hospital and so on. The mentioned features made this area habitable. But, all the wanderers that entered Area 2 all disappeared for unknown reason. Currently, The M.E.G. theorize that the disappeared wanderers settled down in Area 2.

Bases, Outputs and Communities:

There are no bases, outputs and communities in this level, but this level has been proved to be suitable for human existence.

Entrances and Exits:


Picking up a rabbit toy in a random level will transfer you to Area 1.


Currently, there are no reports of exiting Area 2.

You saw a rabbit toy next to you.

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