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Class 4

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Picture of Level 010 (unavailable)

Level 010 is the (010)'nd Level of the Backrooms.

Level-101 is set at a large theatre. Walls of the level is rotting and decaying. Their original colour has changed to a disgustingly faded green. The whole level reeks of a pungent smell of a dying person though it is not enough to cause serious harm to wanderers. Wanderers were unable to find the source of the smell but similar statements were made about the smell.

A large wooden stage can be seen upon entering the level. Rows of red chairs can be seen as well as in front of the stage and near the top of the ceiling. The chairs are occupied by entities called "The Audience". Their features cannot be seen and they look very dark like a shadow. Whenever a wanderer enters, they are alerted and will look at the wanderer for a minute due to curiosity. This causes the wanderer to feel a sense of anxiety but it will cease after the minute has ended.

Besides "The Audience", "Wallop" and "Useless Puppet" resides here. Take note that "Useless Puppet" should be treated nicely and avoid "Wallop" unless accompanied by "Useless Puppet".

Bases, Outposts and Communities

  • No bases are here at the moment as it is newly discovered

Entrances And Exits


When a wanderer hum or sing songs despondently, a wooden door will appear based on the wanderer's surroundings. Upon entering it, the wanderer will be sent to Level 010.


When a wanderer performs on the stage and has ended, "The Audience" will give the wanderer a round of appaulse and red curtains will drawn in. Afterwards, the wanderer will wake up at Level-XXXX.

However, should the performance be badly done or hardly tried at all, "The Audience" will throw tomatoes at the wanderer. After 2 or more failed attempts, the wanderer will feel too depressed to perform again and sit at one of the red chairs. This results in the wanderer turning into one of "The Audience".

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