Will Ross

Level 259


Class unknown

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“The footsteps were loud and echoing. They seemed to come down every tunnel and corridor, slow and steady, with no discernable direction. They forever got closer, that was one thing I knew. And it was only a matter of time before whatever was making those footsteps came around the next corner.”

A photo of level 259:



Level 259 is the 260th level of the backrooms, and is home to many resources such as Almond water, although on no account should you drink any you come across, as it may be poisonous. It resembles a British Tube station with smooth tiled walls, a dirty floor, and a high ceiling. This Level usually twists and turns, and it is impossible to navigate.

Warning kites have been reported. They usually frequent long hallways, and it seems that the quantity of kites is paired with how close the footsteps sound. Although, no entity has been discovered.

If a Wanderer puts their ear to the walls, they can hear trains moving. The walls are hollow, but it is extremely difficult to break them. If a Wanderer manages to do so, they will end up in Level 338.


To be done. (work in progress)


An unusual property of Level 259 is its ability to affect objects next to sleeping Wanderers. If a Wanderer leaves Memory Juice next to themselves whilst they sleep, it has a small chance to double the contents. This is extremely useful as one jar can be traded for at least 20 jars of almond water. It is unclear why this happens, but one theory is

It is highly advised against anyone leaving a gun next to themselves while sleeping, as people have been reported being shot by unknown means if they do that.

Level Dangers and Warnings

It is advised against going down long, dark hallways, or really anything dimly lit. Most times contact has ended with explorers after venturing down places with low visibility.

It is also advised to not drink any almond water found in this level, as it is usually poisoned, or has dangerous effects to wanderers who drink it.

The presence of hostile entities is unclear, but all survivors have reported hearing loud, thundering footsteps coming from every corridor. Although no entities have been reported, scratches on the walls and broken bottles of almond water have been spotted, so it is possible that a hostile entity exists within the level. There have been no reports of anyone who has lasted 13 days or more in the level, which suggests that after 13 days, wanderers may be attacked. There has been radio contact for up to 13 days with wanderers, as well as log books found.
Although there hasn't yet been any sightings of entities apart from humans, it is generally recommended that you leave the level before day 13. The files on any presence of a creature in Level 259 can be found in [REDACTED].

Similarly to Level 1, linear space in level 259 is altered drastically, making it almost impossible to return to the same space twice. It is possible to turn a full circle and be in a different place than where you started. Although it is possible to meet people in Level 259, groups that enter together will not be split up, and it is advised to stay together. It has been theorised that groups that split up will be permanently separated until they leave the Level. Due to Level 259’s unstable nature, markings left on walls, as well as objects left behind, will no longer be findable.

Entrances And Exits:


You can no-clip into level 259 by walking through a tiled door in Level 1.
It is thought that there is a chance to enter level 259 by walking through the door in Level 12.
It is possible to enter level 259 by jumping off the watchtower in Level 79.


If you manage to break a wall, you will appear in level 338.
If you walk for long enough in a gray misty hallway, you will end up in Level 2.
If you fall through a hole in the floor, you will come out of a TV in Level 131.
If you no-clip through the ceiling, you will find yourself in Level 260.

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