Entity 42
The entity under a microscope

Entity 42 is a microscopic fluid/airborne insectoid that plays with the brains prefrontal cortex, hippocampus and cranial nervous system.


This entity is transmitted when one breathes in it or drinks it. After approximately 5 minutes after ingestion, the infected will begin to lose memories and start hallucinating. 1 hour later, the infected will begin to thrash around violently and speak gibberish. This continues for 10 minutes, after which they will pass out and wake up with no recollection of the experience.


Entity 42 lives in many levels. Its most prominent habitat is level 2, mainly in the oily fluid and the gas. This entity has been thought to live in the level 0 carpet water. However, this theory has not been confirmed. Some other less prominent habitats of this entity include Level 370, in the dark tiled rooms, Level 8 and Level 5, in the boiler rooms.

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