Level 231


Class 3

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Level 231 is the 232th Level of the Backrooms.


The first image taken of Level 231


Level 231 appears to be a claustrophobic tunnel with yellow paint and brown carpet with occasional steps.

There seems to be an abundance of Almond Water and Liquid Pain. Entering a door will lead to a different part of the level. You will lose your sanity is very quickly, so you should drink lots of Almond Water if you want to survive.

This level possesses an exclusive ability. Whenever Almond Water touches an entity, it will die or disappear.

Common entities here are Skin Stealers, Hounds, Death Moths, and Partygoers.

It has been reported that you will not see any other travelers. If you see another traveler, it is not human.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits


Though it is rare, you can enter Level 231 by no-clipping through a wall in Level -2. You can enter Level 231 through a door in Level 4 with a hallway with the same details as Level 144 when you open the door.


You can exit Level 231 through no-clipping into a locked door. You will enter Level 4. This is an easy way to enter a safe level.

You can smash your head on the floor 5 times to enter Level 0.

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