Class 4

  • Safe (?)
  • Unsecure
  • High Entity Count

A photo of the blue bricks before turning into a door.

Level 305 is the 306th level of the Backrooms. It consists of a finite and loop-shaped school hallway.


The place itself is very dark and knowing where you are going is not an easy task. It possesses a few doors, most of them either being locked or blocked by something on the other side.
Somewhere on a specific wall, there is what is supposed to be the "Classroom n°305", however, instead of there being a door, there are bricks just like the rest of the wall, but they are blue instead of grey.
In order to survive here, you will have to stay in this level for an undetermined amount of time before a door appears where the blue bricks are at, allowing you to exit this level.
During that time, entities will have what is called the '305 effect' similar to the '11 effect' affecting the entities living in Level 11.
This effect makes any entity in this level whether they were originally passive or hostile, extremely quick and will target in groups the closest human. It is very recommended to hide somewhere as soon as you enter this level in order to stay safe from these groups of entities.
For an unkown reason, it is impossible to noclip in this level for said amount of time, except in the blue bricks, before the door appears.
Shape-wise, the hallway is about 2 meters large and is in the shape of a loop, although it is not circular.
When the time period ends, every entity that was affected by the '305 effect' simply disappear, making this level go from ''extremely dangerous'' to ''completely safe''. However, every time a wanderer enters this level, the door disappears and turn back into bricks, every entity reappears again, and the time period is reset.


Smilers, Skins-Stealers, Hounds and Windows can be found very easily in this level and they all suffer from the '305 effect'. There has been very few reports of seeing only one Partygoer, but they are not fully confirmed yet.
As explained earlier on this page, every entity in this level suffers from the '305 effect' which makes them insanely hostile and quick, targetting the closest human in groups of 3-10 entities at the same time. There has also been a report of a wanderer seeing what appears to be 'The Principal' Faceling from Level 52.

Entrances and Exits:


  • Noclipping through the ceiling of Level 52 will bring you here.
  • Saying "3" right before getting teleported to Level 52 from Level 18 will bring you to Level 305.
  • Noclipping through stairs in any level has a very low chance of teleporting you to Level 305.
  • Typing "300" in an elevator in Level 1 has a minuscule chance of teleporting you here.
  • Entering a dark blue-ish school shaped building in Level 11 will bring you to Level 305.


  • Noclip through the blue bricks before the door appears to be teleported to Level 305.6.

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  • Noclipping through the floor will bring you to Level 52.
  • If you hear music behind one of the doors, go ahead and open it ! You will end up in the Backroom's greatest party ! =)
  • Going through the actual door labeled as ''Classroom 305'' will bring you to Level 306.
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