Viv Staff 2

Licensing Team:
The Image Use Policy and FAQ have been updated to reflect the fact that we no longer allow the usage of AI images on the wiki.

Community Outreach Team:

Critique Team:
- Worked to aid the movement to revitalize the GLMP and GL population in planning ways to encourage users to join and planning ways to streamline the GLMP
-Discussed ways to improve GLMP

Disciplinary Team:

Guide Team:

Maintenance Team:
- More Oversight work!

+ Created the "Protocols" page to list common staff procedures, in hopes of clarifying how staff operations occur and smoothen the transition for new or returning staff!
+ Updated staff listings

- Put in efforts to clear out old forms and get them up and ready to be used by the public again
- updated teams page
- created policy page
Rewrite Team:
-Reorganized the entire rewrite list to make it more readable
-Cleaned up expired rewrites, deleted in-deletion articles
-Cleared the rewrite application forms and started accepting new entries

Technical Team:

Internal Management Team:
-Ran monthly staff evaluation for both demotions, promotions, and new staff members

International Maintenance Team:

Internet Outreach Team:
-Revitalized the twitter and posted this month's features
-Gained Tumblr login from Snom, planning on expanding it as well

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