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First recorded photo of Level 219.

Level 219 is the 220th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 219 is a vast, possibly limitless space consisting of many storage rooms, interconnected with hallways containing a door to the left and the right. Each storage room is quite tight, consisting of white walls and concrete floor, shelves on both sides, small trays and sometimes random objects on the ground such as bottles.

These storage rooms seem to change as a wanderer moves through the Level; in earlier rooms, they tend to be dirty, the walls filled with mold and the shelves rusty and stocked with contaminated almond water, dusty books and broken down tools. It is advised for any wanderers on this level to be very careful as to not catch mold poisoning. Smilers and skin-eaters can be found here and as such, it's not recommended to use any light sources, as the need for them is decreased and any wanderer with a decent vision would be able to have an idea of where they are going.
Later on, however, rooms will start clearing of entities completely, becoming cleaner and having a "newer" look to them. Almond water and food become more common, meaning that any wanderer(s) could stay in this area for a long time if need be; it's safe and clear of entities, providing food and water every day.

It is possible to find a Journal on this level; it is heavily recommended to NOT touch it. Opening it will result in a disruption of the flow of time, making it non-linear. The text on it is illegible, due to bad handwriting that is almost impossible to read.

Journal Investigation and possible Time Warping Effects:

An M.E.G expedition was led by Agents Ellis and Michael "Raccoon" to investigate the journal. After opening it, 2 electrical watches were used to record the date and time as the two agents moved from room to room. Monitoring showed that time changed in a non-linear manner, unnatural to how regular time moves, the agents confirmed this by putting some food in one of the levels and going in on multiple instances; the food was either not there or completely spoiled. The room's condition also seemed to be linked with the "date" of the room, which would shift when entering any of them to a fixed date, associated with that level, with time passing from that point. The room is "clean and tidy" on any date from 2008-2010, but if one were to go from 2018(?) and so on, the room would be old and moldy.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There is only 1 known base on this Level:

The Storage Dwellers:

  • 10 members spread out across a series of late rooms due to it's otherwise safe environment.
  • Willing to trade and give free Almond Water
  • Willing to help with directions (although in riddles)

Additional Content

It is unknown how the first human, or leader of The Storage Dwellers had arrived to this level, it claims that it's arrival is simply an enigma, and that it was always there. It is possible that it generated from the level itself, as it shows anomalous properties such as not actively requiring food or water to survive, further analysis of the humanoid (as far it consented to) has showed an abnormal bone structure. Further investigation should be done to determine whether or not it has any relation to the journal, as it claims ownership of it.

Entrances And Exits


It's possible to go to this level after entering a storage room in Level 5. However, no death moths can be found in the level.
Noclipping through one of the doors in Level 26 will lead to this level.


If you go far enough, you will get to Level 1.
If you noclip out of the level, you will get to Level 3

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