Your Big Wrong choice


Class 9223372036854775807

  • big change over time
  • unpredictable
  • an entity that cannot be measured

You must have been very desperate before entering this place. The allies who moved with you would have tried to go somewhere else for you, who came in any situation. or the road is blocked Very hostile to you, with many entities trying to get in from behind Fall down and warp to another level Was the illusion disguised as an exit and dropped you Or is the place changing etc

You must have felt like was blocking you from entering this place. But you came in ignoring this case
This level is in all levels with 50/100 percentage It's not that hard to find, but there's only one person who reached this level per level. That one must have been ignoring this case, that's for each level.

You can come by going through the door that says 'No' on the red door.

If one person 'exceeds' enters, all but one die at random.

What Happens When You Come In

•Your will regret entering this place.

•you are will be very lonely

•Cold, fever, hallucinations, coughing will be severe and constant.

•The foul stench is constantly coming off The vomiting won't stop

• you will hate your allies, the opposite sex, your family, your pets, all living things.

There are too many entities here to measure so many to make a wall Commonly found entities entity 8, [[[entity 3]], entity 4, entity 9, etc.and unidentified entities


No light but no need for light This is because light of various colors is moving around Shining brightly when entities run around trying to catch you

The lights will be off for 5 hours, but after 5 hours, I know the place isn't very complicated. The mold itself is the cause of the floor, No cause of odor What you see is the floor, the entity

Walls and ceilings are not visible because of their size, and there will be more entities than you think.

in conclusion it's just a structure with a lot of entities inside the 'big empty space'.

There is no special way, but entities form walls and do not move. only when there is light

Going up is cold, going down is hot, going up is fast and going down is slow

colonies and outposts

At this level, it is difficult to endure a day (the time when the light turns on once), but can you make a colony and outpost alone? no.
entrance and exit
At any level, there is a 50/100 chance of entering the door with 'No' written on the red door.

When you enter the door at the end of the level, you will be randomly moved to one of the Riddle levels.

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