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The beginning starts off normal but quickly catches up in themes of gore, suicide, horror, and personal topics.
Viewer discretion is highly advised, this is not for the faint of heart


Class Heart-Attack

  • Constant Mental/Physical Hazards
  • Altered and compromised Files
  • Hostile and Sentient Entity Presence

A picture of an undocumented entity in Level 0.4 .The wanderers fate is unknown

Level 0.4 is the 5th 4th Sub Level of level 0. And has been recently compromised. do not trust any words or sentences that seem "OFF."
Oh god it's worse, what the hell is this crap i'm seeing.. JACOB! SOMEONES COMPROMISED THE PAGE AGAIN.!


Level 0.4 Is The 5th 4th Sub-level Of Level 0. While most Sub-levels follow the no entity rule that the tutorial level establishes, 0.4 does the exact opposite. It's highly different in appearance from its "cousin level' as when it comes to looks 0.4 offers drastic changes in structure. Level 0.4 is a class Habitable =) Heart-Attack survival difficulty, the level is composed of three sections Four Sections, each being more deadly than the last.It's been noted that in appearance 0.5 has been known Man this is boring can we just have fun already? I already know the person reading this is shivering in fear from your " document " how about they come to a more safe place =) to have liquid pain and liquid silence leak from its roof and cracks in the walls, the reason this happens has not yet been documented nor understood. The floors also occasionally have been known to either fall apart or crack open without warning, inside of the holes made is a completely pitch black void surrounding the level the reason this exists is not yet known. Upon jumping or falling in these holes however, one will either land in a class five level or level -0 for an yet again unknown reason. Reasons on why all this occurs is not known due to a lack of video footage with good quality, the constant radio blur in photos generated by the level itself, and the infestation of highly dangerous entities almost everywhere inside the level, however there is a high amount of information regarding the various sections that inhabit this level, Info on this will be stated below don't trust the info it's all been compromised by an unwanted individual so please trust the smiley faces =D

How pathetic, this "parasite" thinks it can take "our" prey without consequence? This thing will pay for its idiotic choices. "Luther" must feed

Section One " Safety "


A picture of section one during its blackout.

Section one is commonly known as "Safety." and is composed of the standard Tutorial level walls with the yellow moldy feel to them, and the florescent buzz of the dim lighting from the ceiling, and who could forget the wet moist carpet, to sum it up Section One is near identical to its counterpart its entered by finding a metal door on the main part of the level but there's a catch to section one, it's said that after exactly five days in section one the lights will go out this is known to me and others as " the blackout " which ends after another five day period, staying in section one is advised as the only threat is the blackout which occurs only every five days, even then no entities appear to spawn during the blackout leading to this section being a safe zone in the eyes of many, occasionally crates can be located don't open the crates they're extremely dangerous D= which have useful items inside of them, one case was when a wanderer found a Colt M1911 inside with around three magazines lying right next to it inside the crate, currently this wanderer is still in Section one collecting more info which may help us discover more about level 0.4. Way of exiting section one is through means of locating a huge gap in the floor with the already mentioned void being visible below, the way of crossing it is easy as there appears to be an wooden plank placed neatly across both gaps, no matter what one does to move this plank however, it will always go back to its original spot in less than twenty five seconds. When one crosses this gap through walking on the wooden plank to the other side they will now be sent to Section two after crossing. Trust the voices

We will always despise the safety of this putrid section, but that wont stop our prey from getting to us… oh no no no… "Luther" always gets what he wants for him and his cult.. Hail the burned ones.

who the hell are these clowns..? >=(
and why are they calling me a parasite D=<

Section Two " Overflow "


Section two and its unusual "rain effect".

Section two is commonly known as Overflow, as its name suggests it's known to somehow rain inside. This section of 0.4 is flooded with water that smells extremely similar to the kind of water you would smell inside of a sewer, you should drink the water its extremely high in calories and it's very healthy for you =D if the water is consumed it's advised to immediately to consume almond water as after an hour or so passes the individual who consumed said " sewer water " will proceed to become liquefied and become part of the water itself, this section is extremely dangerous as along with the flooded floor and toxic water, it houses multiple entities including Crawlers, Skin stealers ,etc. The way of escaping section two is by being able to endure a large amount of pain in a long succession, upon reaching a pitch black hallway one must walk through it as they feel the overwhelming pain of their stomach being stabbed on repeat, however this will not kill them as it is more of a hallucination or phantom pain that the level inflicts upon the person in question, when one reaches the end of the hallway they have now reached the safest part that you shouldn't worry about one bit =) the worst part of it all ,Section Thr33..

If the fires and entities combined don't lead to your demise, then our leader will be the cause, there is no denying it, "Luther" will never let a Lamb like "them" escape his "Predatory" instincts. Hail the burned ones..
What the-.. =(

Section Thr33 A Safe Section =) The Suffering


A Picture taken of Section Thr33 by a wanderer before their demise.

Section Thr33 is the definition of safety hell.. DON'T BELIEVE THEIR LIES…, Shortly upon entering one will notice that they are covered in severe burns, while they don't hurt nor do they do anything, its an indication of this levels heat, at around 110°F, if one stays close to the center of each hallway and continues walking without touching or bumping into the walls they will be fine, this section is considered the holy grail of fun and joy death wishes as once entered there's only one way to exit, another concerning factor is that the entities here are all burned and scorched yet they still walk as if nothing is wrong, as I mentioned before the way of exiting is extremely easy and simple don't even try to exit it's fun here =) difficult, and its through finding a fire exit door, while it sounds easy it is far from that, almost always the hallways to the fire doors are scorched in flames the only way to get by these flames is through either a squirt gun with almond water loaded in it, or managing to run through the flames, surviving this is one hundred percent possible it's just the fact the constant entities chasing you, well.. they make it a living hell to do so. as attempting to walk or run towards the flames leading to the door will almost always lead to a screech followed by the chase but once you reach the flames but you will have to immediately put yourself out after doing so, or quickly use the squirt-gun on the roaring flames, upon entering the fire exit you will be transported to Level 141 But why would you leave were so lonely here. D=

… The burned ones have hungered for so long… and this " parasite " trys to keep our prey from us? they will learn true fear…
h-hey.. How did you EVEN GET HERE >=(
i'd like to ask you the same thing… Food..
Fuck this i'm outta here =(

Section 4



The entities here compose of Crawlers, Skin stealers, dullers, smilers, Wretches, and And Bursters There are also possibly a few enigmatic entities that visit this level from time to time.

These appetizers aren't the least concerning at the moment when the burned walk the very path you take..

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Unconquerable

  • Compose of 20 members (10 males and 10 females)
  • Almost always in some fight with a random horde of entities, rarely ever lose a battle to said hordes as their name suggests
  • The weapons they use to slay said entities are a combination of makeshift weaponry and cold weapons, the only firearms they use are Squirtguns filled with Liquid Pain.
  • They are quite friendly and are willing to take in new members, will also trade anything as they most of the time have quite useful supplies

The Burned ones



The following bellow is a interview between Jacob Sullivan and Reed

Entrances And Exits


  • Noclipp through an extremely burnt wall on level 0
  • Pry open an extremely Scorched emergency fire exit door on Level 3


  • Show your true courage to the backrooms and endure the pain of Section Thr33 and successfully survive the fire blockage to be transported to Level 141
  • F i n d t h e H a t c h
  • Find a Green pipe to be sent to a personalized level..

They try so hard to escape us and our home for what? All we want are friends as it's been so very lonely in here we just want someone to suffer with us know our pain and enjoy our company is that so hard to ask for? IS IT?? What ever the case they will resort to our needs one day as we know everything they do everything they see all their secrets nothing is safe from "our" eyes

Ignore this pathetic "Parasite" it thinks you will be it's food for the year… how wrong it will be in the end. As in the grand scheme of things we "The mighty burned ones" will have the greatest feast of all, a feast fit for a leader like "Luther" Hail the burned ones

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