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Level ✇

Level ✇, AKA impossible reality, is the Xth Level of the Backrooms; it is a futuristic world ran and empowered by robots.


Level ✇ is a futuristic city that has tech that looks like something from Star Wars and Star Trek combined, this city is named Taurus and has robots everywhere. There are extremely bright blue lights that line the buildings, this is used as a defense system because they turn red when alarms are triggered, inside of the buildings are filled to the brim with robots.

The sky here is always dark and there is no documented daylight nor reason as to why the sky is always dark and cloudy. Currently, there are no documented photos of this level. Explorers think it has something to do with the gasses in the air.

Taurus was given the name because Taurus is the name of the system that the robots run under. An explorer sent a message to M.E.G back in 2019 saying that the city is impossible and that there is no way this city should exist due to its extremely high tech features such as being indestructible, Sharp angles, Some buildings floating when there is gravity, and because there are no trees or sun or any way of creating oxygen.

Currently documented explorers of this Level are John Matthews and AJ Dagger. AJ Dagger was in level 1 when suddenly no clipping into a broken window and waking up in a futuristic city AJ Dagger was presumed dead on 8/2/9020 or 8/2/2020 in our reality.

These explorers helped us greatly figure out more about this level, The first person to discover this level though was The Seeker no one knows whether this person was human or not because there is no information on him or it, except for his name.

The Seeker wrote a message to M.E.G saying that "there was a new level he found from going into a glitchy mass on level 997" M.E.G responded by sending people to this new level AJ and John being two of them.

This level is taking place in the future 7000 years from now and some people say it is an alternate because in 1000 years from now the world is supposed to end but this level proves not, this level is currently being estimated to be infinite long.

More Proof on this level being an alternate reality consists of, foreign materials, impossible nature, breaking the laws of physical properties, no possible way of survival but somehow survivable?.

AJ Dagger named this Level, Level Impossible reality but M.E.G chose the Taurus logo to name the level instead, leading hints to the map and shortening the name. The origin of this level leads to more information about the backrooms and the entities.

This unique level name was given because the logo is the logo for Taurus it is unknown who or what made Taurus. Some people believe that superhuman civilization created Taurus, it is unlikely true. M.E.G pronounces this level as Level T or Level Taurus

The city appears to have been built by a supernatural force due to its impossible, reality-bending nature. Many theories have arisen as to what happened to cause the city to enter this state, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

The robots in this city are unknown if they were human at one point but all they do is build or rebuild, work, guard, and defend the city or kill. The way of communication from the robots is a giant tesla tower located in the middle of the city guarded by thousands of robots, no one has ever gotten close to it without being terminated.

Robots in Level ✇ try to conquer almost everything they can find, Robots appear to be very territorial and will become very hostile if you attack them or their territory.

The animal-like robots were made to fit in smaller areas, and so they can chase people faster or jump to tall spaces or even fly. These robots are extremely hard to outrun unlike the exoskeletons because they are more arrow dynamic or have more legs or arms, and weigh way less.

The robots are made out of extremely strong metals that M.E.G is calling Zestom or ZM for short for some reason TCH burns ZM but not VD (meaning valdanium).

The buildings in the city are made out of indestructible metal that M.E.G named valdanium or VD for short, This material is dangerous to touch and will burn your hand if you touch it, due to the high energy field it produces, VD produces this energy due to its extremely strong magnetic field it has.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

There is only 1 base documented by an explorer named John Matthews.


No one knows how eradication was built when it was found it was destroyed and run by robots, this base looked like it was made by humans but it's hard to tell since it's rusty and falling apart, the explorer who found this base is presumed dead.

Eradication was given its name because it is destroyed and run by robots. Robots seem to have greatly over match what or whoever was running this base. The base looked to be some type of storage place for weapons, hints leading to, knives everywhere, bullets, metal pieces scattered around, and heavy artillery rifles.

John Matthews is the person who found the base near a destroyed building site. John Matthews said this to M.E.G "that when he tried to take a picture his photo was just glitched and you couldn't see anything but static", John Matthews was presumed dead after he sent his last message saying that "he got caught on", 2/1/2020.

Entities and Substances


The documented entities here are all robotic humanoids or some type of animal ranging from a cat to an alligator, entities are extremely hostile and will attack if you are spotted they are extremely fast and dangerous.

Deadly attacks normally have been documented to be from plasmablasts or, from a sharp razor blade that the droids have attached to them. Robots will look like exoskeletons or metal animals with blue lights on them, explorers have noticed that when spotted by the robots the lights will turn red.

Some of these entities have been undocumented but the ones that are documented can consist of newfound entities or ones that already exist for example some of the entities are "The Bots" and "Droids" the most recent found entity is "Safeguard", Safeguards are exoskeleton like machines that are very hostile and extremely powerful. The reason for the robot's hostility is thought to be due to its strict and hostile programming.


Explorers have reported that there are substances of all kinds in this level, Ranging from liquid to gases a common one found is a neon green like toxic substance, Explorers apart from the U.S.R.F have named this TCH-1, this substance is very harmful to touch and drink, Touching TCH-1 will result in a slow-burning of whatever limb touched it, Drinking it, however, will put you in a slow-burning death that turns you into a liquid flesh pool.

Another substance called TCH-2 is a black gooey substance that is safe to touch but drinking it causes extreme stomach pain that drives the victim into suicide. TCH stands for The Cessation Hell. It was found that TCH is a substance that was made in a failed experiment when robots tried to make liquid plasma this was proven when an audio recording of an explosion happened and TCH started appearing around the city in puddles.

Explorer AJ Dagger was the first run tests on TCH and it is extremely corrosive to materials such as iron, titanium, wood, brick, platinum, aluminum, and gold, Once TCH, came in contact with these materials it instantly burned them, It is unknown why flesh burns slower than these materials. AJ also found that TCH could be used as a weapon against these robots because it burns them fast, TCH will not burn through the building materials which are currently being called valdanium. TCH is very contaminative and spreads faster than a wildfire when being poured on something.

Additional Information

The buildings in this city are made out of some foreign type material that hasn't been discovered yet, Explorers have described it to be smooth but non-reflective, and if you touch it your hand will start burning.

The tallest building documented was over 30,000 feet tall. The city has a security system where if you are spotted an alarm that goes off throughout the city and the city colors go from blue to red this alerts robots and shows them where you are. When a robot kills you, it's documented that it will remove your skin and rebuild you into a robot.

Almond water doesn't work in this city due to some type of gas in the air that makes you immune to the effects M.E.G and explorers named this gas Protogen, there is further information that is currently waiting for documentation on this gas. It is documented that there is no sign of life form in this level other than the explorer.

In 2092 a researcher who goes by the name of Mr. 5 sent out a message to M.E.G showing that he managed to hack into the robot's program for a short period of time discovering that the robots communicate by binary code that gets sent out by the tesla tower, they don't have any need for food nor water, apparently oxygen helps there cooling system work, so they will use oxygen to cool themselves if overheating.

The programming of the robots shows that they don't have an ecosystem and that their objective is to destroy organic life forms, It is still unknown how these robots were made. Mr. 5 stated that the robots aren't AI but some type of defense system against something that currently isn't documented due to its insane programming.

Mr. 5 also said to M.E.G that it is impossible to reprogram these bots, Many explorers and researchers thought that this was suspicious, and now believing that Mr. 5 made these robots and was just teasing us, There isn't enough evidence to support this claim yet.

No one knows if this is the final level or not because no one has ever escaped it, This level was documented to be trillions of levels over level 1, this was discovered by explorer AJ Dagger. There is no documented escape of this level.

People believe that this level is The Exit or The End because of its impossible difficulty and there is no documented exit on this level. Some explorers believe that to get out of here and get back to earth or the front rooms is to make it into the cell tower located at the middle of the map aka Point X.

The Exit is something every explorer wishes to achieve but once they find out about how many levels there are then it smashes their dreams, Crazy fact about this level is that thinking about it hard enough drives the victim insane due to shock and denial that this could be the only way to see their family again.


Groups and movements of this level are very little but there are a few, Groups and movements meaning communities of this level, there is no possible way of finding another explorer but there are research groups here like the U.S.R.F, M.E.G, and B.T.F these groups all work together trying to learn more about this level and find a way to get explorers out of it.

Currently, there are estimated at least 50 to 900 people at this level but it is impossible to know for certain because of the huge vicinity of this level.

U.S.R.F meaning Unidentified Substance Research Force is exactly what the name is, their job is to test and name substances of the backrooms and find out what effects it has on humans and entities. The M.E.G. (the "Major Explorer Group") is a faction created by the people of the Backrooms. It began as an exploration outpost, and over time became a military/government for the Backrooms. Their mission is to keep the Wanderers of the Backrooms safe from entities, traps, and other groups. The M.E.G. has multiple teams for multiple tasks, to ensure the safety of the Wanderers. This faction is hospitable and friendly and will allow new members into a team known as the "Volunteer Squad" until they are ready to be in a team of their own.

B.T.F (Backrooms Task Force) is an agency that discovers new levels and entities, BTF tries to figure out how to escape the backrooms or destroy it, for good. Members of this group often die due to the entity exploration of hostile and docile entities. BTF often provides and delivers newfound information to the MEG.

Level And Survival Guide

This level has multiple parts, AKA points the middle being Point X or the cell tower, Point A is the start of the map or known as the city of Taurus, The right side of the map being Point B aka Taurus HQ this is guarded by many bots and there is no further detail of this place.

Point C being the left city of the map also known as The Workspace, being called this because of the ton of facilities and factories on this side of the map or level, Point D is the top of the level and is called Borderlands this area is highly dangerous and no explorer has been there.

Point E is the bottom of the map also called The Void being a matrix-like city this place is overrun by robots and is highly dangerous this area has the highest death count of explorers throughout this level.

Side Effects

Documents and files about this level have explained the side effects of the gas and the extremely high radiation, effects range from madness to an abomination. Materials in this level produce extremely high energy fields and magnetic fields that cause explorers' skin to radiate and fall off or make them commit suicide from the pain of your organs and flesh corroding slowly.

Effects show up after 2 years of being in this level, we believe that this is the main cause of death to explorers, effects consist of extremely violent outbursts of rage or extreme PTSD that give the victim hallucinations and flashbacks of traumatizing events that have happened to them in the past.

You are very lucky if you manage to survive a week in this hell, but if you survive for more than 2 years it's considered to be impossible. The radiation effects get worse if you stay in the city but safe zones are Point D and E, but they are extremely dangerous due to high robot count or long traveling to get to.

Entrances And Exits


Enter through the glitch mass on level 997 (extremely dangerous)


Currently, there are no documented existing exits.

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