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A picture of the apartment building on level 387

Level 387 is the 388th Level of the Backrooms. This level is known for its confined traversable space.


Level 387 is a diminutive and murky level with a concrete apartment building, a short road, and a gloomy forest. The level has restricted traversable space, having an explorable area of only 2800m2. This space is considered infinitesimal compared to other levels with easily accessible entrances and is therefore often crowded with wanderers. The actual size of the level is unknown, and any attempt to travel past the 2800m2 zone has led to unfortunate consequences. The known part of the level is surrounded by 35-meter by 80-meter walls of dense fog. Nobody has ever returned after walking into these walls of fog and any attempt to send a camera or drone into these walls of fog has led to a device malfunction. The reason for the disappearance of those who come into contact with the fog walls is unknown but has been rumored to bring you to another level. This has not yet been confirmed and The Fog Scouts who live on this level have advised wanderers to not attempt to confirm these rumors.

Level 387 is stuck in eternal evening-daylight, and thus follows no day-night cycle. The climate of the level is particularly cold, staying at a constant temperature of 6°C.

The Apartment Building

The building on this level has the appearance of a usual, beige, wide, and concrete apartment building from The Frontrooms. It consists of 17 floors including the basement and has been heavily occupied by wanderers. In the apartments, Almond water flows from the taps and has been spotted in bottles in the fridges. Rare instances of Royal Rations and other useful resources have been found randomly appearing in fridges or the basement. The abundance of materials and comfortable living space has attracted many wanderers who inhabit this level.

The Road

There is a narrow and small asphalt road not far from the building. The road spans exactly 35 by 3 meters and is perfectly perpendicular to the north and south walls of fog. The end and the start of the road are unknown, as the road seems to continue past the walls of fog. Mysteriously enough, car tire marks are noticeable on the asphalt surface indicating cars used to drive along this road. No further evidence of this has been found as of now.

Along the road, there is an array of monotonous street lights. These streetlights are each 10 meters tall and differ in appearance. The street lights have no light bulbs inside them and are therefore constantly off.

The Forest

The forest is the biggest part of the level taking up around 90% of the level. It's made up of many different types of trees, some of the most common ones being pinus strobus, poplar, elm, and oak. Due to the cold temperature and foggy atmosphere, most of the trees have lost their leaves and taken on a somber appearance.

The fog slowly gets thicker the further into the forest and the further away from the apartment building you walk. This may lead to wanderers accidentally walking into the walls of fog and disappearing. The very far edges of the forest remain quite unexplored for this reason, and inhabitants have reported dreams of a voice ushering them to "become one with the fog" and walk past the fog walls of the level.


The flag of The Fog Scouts

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Due to Level 387's small space, there is only one central community that accounts for the entire population of Level 387.

The Fog Scouts:

  • This is the only community that inhabits Level 387.
  • The community is estimated to have a population of around 800 people.
  • They are mostly present in the apartment building, but they also spend time relaxing in the forest of Level 387.
  • The Fog Scouts have developed heavily as a community, adapting a flag and nation-like rules and policies. This is presumed to be due to the limited area they share.
  • They are very friendly and offer an abundance of resources, shelter, and citizenship if you wish to stay.


Level 387 is completely devoid of entities and wildlife, despite the rich forest. Traces of decomposed Wormlings have been found in the soil, dating back hundreds of years. This hints at the possibility of old life on this level.

Entrances And Exits


  • The most common way of accessing Level 387 is by finding a door emitting fog on Level 1.
  • Finding a dark, lonely tree on Level 39 will also bring you to Level 387.


  • Entering any apartment in Level 387 has a very rare chance to noclip you to an apartment on Level 13.
  • A dusty futuristic door in the basement of the apartment building will lead you to Level 15.
  • If you fall asleep on the road of Level 387 you will wake up on Level 80.
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