Level 497

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Class 4

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  • Medium Entity Count
  • Climate Hazard

Level 497 is the 498th Level of the Backrooms.


Image of Level 497, taken by u/demanding_semifinal.


Level 497 is a taiga forest with 134 kilometers (83,24 miles), with plentiful snow. This snow is thick and makes navigation on the level hard. The average temperature in the level is -20° Celsius (-4° Fahrenheit), and, on rare occasions, -2° Celsius (28,4° Fahrenheit). Due to this, an unprepared wanderer can get frostbite in mere seconds, leading to their inevitable demise. Fortunately, this level contains cabins, which the wanderers can enter to get heat. Inside these cabins, plenty of Almond Water can be found, and, more rarely, an item called "Frozen Heart". Hot clothes, such as sweaters, scarves, gloves, among others. This level has 24 hours a day, with each hour changing the position of the Sun. While during the day the amount of entities is low, at night there is a significant increase. Because of this, the level has a rule about night time.

"A - Analyze your surroundings.
L - Look for glowing eyes.
P - Protect your neck, arms and hands.
W - Wait for attack.
R - Run for your life.
L - Look for a safe place."




Image of a consultation room taken by u/SomeEquator after having a check-up.

Emergency and Waiting Rooms:

These rooms are similar to the Emergency areas found in hospitals. Inside the emergency room, stretchers and medical supplies can be found, and, on rare occasions, electrical medical devices too. Sometimes in waiting rooms, vending machines can be found. These machines contain Almond Water, Lucky O' Milk and other snacks.

The Lobby:

The reception, more known as the lobby is usually the first area of the level that wanders will encounter. Due to this area being very safe, it's very unlikely that wanders will encounter any entities. It's very common to find groups of people chatting or trading items. Just like in the waiting rooms, in the lobby, vending machines with similar items can be found, however, few reports have said that Royal Rations have been found in these machines.

Break Rooms:

These rooms are found on rare occasions on the first floor of the level, but more commonly on the second floor. It is common to find human doctors or "The Doctors" in these rooms resting. As well as in the waiting rooms and the lobby, vending machines can be found, containing the same objects as the machines found in the waiting rooms.


Image of a vending machine found in one break room, taken by a human doctor found on the level.


As much as this level contains a low amount of entities, it is still common to find some. The most common are Facelings, Adults or Children, and The Doctors. The Doctors are highly docile entities, and they tend to help injured or sick wanderers.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

The Backrooms Hospital Staff

Composed of all the staff members that live in Level 497, they are completely docile towards new wanderers and will always help them if needed. This group also contains "The Doctors" which can be found in the level.

Entrances And Exits


There is only one known way to enter Level 497, and to do so, the wanderer will need to enter the front door of a hospital on Level 11


To exit Level 497, the wanderer can exit through the front door, which takes them either to Level 11, or to Level 109.

Final Message

We from The Backrooms Hospital are looking forward you to coming back any time that you need, we hope to see you again anytime that you need!

- Signed: Adam Serrano, director of The Backrooms Hospital

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