Level 179

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Class 3

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Level CHANGE THE NUMBER LATER is the ANOTHER NUMBERth Level of the Backrooms.


Level 179 is an expensive level that is divided into two different parts. These parts are known as "The Staircases" and "The Hallways".

The Staircase


Image of the staircases taken by u/befitting_ranger.

The first area is known as the “The Staircase.” The Staircase are usually made of 45 ot 50 floors of stairs that get more and more dangerous. The numbers of stairs can change depending on the wanderer. On the first floor, there is a door, which is the main way for wanderers to enter the Level. This door is locked, and only at random times, it can be opened. There are several emergency exit signs dotted around the walls of the high area. Each time that the wanderer progress, the stairs will get a little langer, expanding the number of degraus. As they get further, strange noises begin to appear. These can be Metal creaks, whispers or screams, and indescribable noises. Wanderers have reported that after the 30th floor, they started seeing a creature that they called "The Shadow". These creature

The Hallways


Image of the low area taken by a M.E.G. member.

The second area is known as the “The Hallways”. The Hallways are composed of empty spaces that resemble garage hallways, with beige and white paint on the walls, ventilation openings, a gray floor, and sometimes voltage boxes. The same emergency exit signs exist in this area as well. Supply crates also appear here, but with fewer items. More entities have been reported in the low area than in the high area, making habitation difficult, but not impossible.


Even though Level 179 has a low amount of entities, it still contains a certain number. The entities were only found from the 10th floor onward and in the low area. Most of the entities found in this level are: Smilers, Hounds, Hiders and rarely Skin-Stealers.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

T.L.A.E. (The Low Area Explorers) Main Base

  • The first team to explore Level 179.
  • Originally made of ex-members of M.E.G. that entered the level and settled in.
  • Formed by around 55 to 60 persons, non-hostile towards wanderers.
  • Main font of information from Level 179.

The Purgatory

  • A mysterious and neutral group.
  • It's unknown when or where they settled in the level specifically.
  • Speculated to be formed by around 30 to 40 people.
  • They communicate with other people via encrypted letters, such as the letter below.

Entrances And Exits


There are 3 known entrances to Level 179.

  • Walking until the end of a dark stairway in Level 1 will present one with a door. Opening it and entering will lead one to Level 179.
  • Opening a door and entering it in Level 11 might have a random chance to lead one to Level 179.


  • Opening the door on the first floor of the high area when it's unlocked may lead one to either Level 9 or Level 188.1

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