Level 188

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Class 1

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Level 188 is the 189th Level of the Backrooms.


Image of one of the areas in the level, taken by /u/PushyNobility.


Level 188 is described as having the appearance of a museum, with its polished concrete floors, clean, white plaster walls, and windows. If a traveler attempts to gaze through the windows, all they'll see is darkness. The walls are accented by neon lights, providing the main source of light. The level spans a large area of 20,000 square kilometers with 2 floors and various rooms, each with its unique lighting, making it a maze-like environment for those who wander. Intermixed within the level, small rooms with food and Almond Water are conveniently located on benches for visitors to enjoy. The rooms are often sparsely furnished, featuring only paintings. These paintings, all being painted by an unknown painter, range from different painting styles, the most common of these being impressionism, realism, surrealism, and pop art. Many famous paintings from the Frontrooms can also be found within the level, such as: "The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dali and "Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh. However, some rooms contain decorative pilasters and entities known as "The Statues".


Image of one of "The Statues", taken by /u/WoodenActress.


Level 188 is home to a documented entity known as "The Statues". These entities take the form of statues that shift and change their appearance when not under observation. If a wanderer makes eye contact with a Statue, however, it will freeze its form in a random shape and remain that way until the wanderer breaks contact. "The Statues" mostly maintain humanoid forms, but in rare instances, they have been known to transform into entities from the Backrooms.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

Despite the peaceful nature of the level and the absence of threats from entities, no groups were established due to the large size and scarcity of resources.

Entrances And Exits


The entrance to Level 188 can only be accessed from Level 11 by finding a building labeled "Neon Museum".


An explorer may reach Level 1, Level 4 or Level 317 by opening and entering a door labeled "EXIT" in any part of the level.

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