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Level 371 is the 372nd level of the Backrooms, and was discovered on the 19th of October 1991. It appears to be an arcade.



Photograph of Level 371, showing the white walls.

Level 371 is an infinite arcade, seemingly from the 2000's. Walls here are usually white, although some walls do appear to be neon. Neon signs appear to be put on the walls, displaying the names of popular video game companies from The Frontrooms. Some of these signs will appear to be comically large, and some will be hanging off of the walls, showing a sequence of pitch-black wires. These wires are edible, although they will electrocute a wanderer regardless of how soft they're touched.

The ambience of Level 371 consists of a hybrid of arcade machines, fluorescent lights, and voices. These voices have been documented to be saying things like "Come on…", "Hold on! I'm almost done with this boss!", and "I DID IT!!!!!!!". This ambience will pose a significant noise hazard, as staying in Level 371 for too long will result in eardrums bursting.

Arcade machines in Level 371 pose significant anomalies, most of which are dangerous. When inserting a coin, and starting the game up, one will be grabbed by a pitch black hand with razor sharp claws. They will then be pulled into the game by the hand, with the screen usually being engulfed in high amounts of light. As of now, The M.E.G is currently trying to investigate on what entity that the hand belongs to, and why it does this.

When one gets pulled into an arcade game, they will replace the main character. The movements of the wanderer in the game are unpredictable and random. If one were to look at the "screen", they will notice that an entity will be playing the game. Usually, the wanderer can only move if an entity is using the controls. An example is that when the entity uses the joystick, and puts it to the left, the wanderer will be moving to the left. It is also worth noting that any time one gets "hit" by an enemy in the game, they will lose a "life", and suffer immense physical pain. If the entity loses all of their lives, the wanderer ends up dying.


The most common entity in Level 371 are docile Facelings. It is also possible to find Smilers, creatures infected by Entity 17, and Skin-Stealers. Usually, these entities will be playing the arcade games, and will be minding their own business. If one were to simply interact with them, they will display their regular behaviors. After the target is dead, the entity will go back to playing the game.

Archived Log:

On an unknown date, presumably a few days after the discovery of Level 371, an audio log was recorded by a wanderer named Yocelin Earl.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

M.E.G Team "Arcade Archivers"

M.E.G Team "Arcade Archivers" is a base established in Level 371, hidden behind a secret passageway through an arcade machine. The place of this secret passage will be random, although it will always appear as a trapdoor. The base contains 15 members, and focus on investigating the phenomenon involving the arcade machines' properties.

Entrances and Exits:


Level 371 can be entered by no-clipping through the walls of Level 370, which will cause you to emerge from one of the white walls. It is also possible to enter Level 371 by no-clipping through an arcade machine in Level 40, or by using an arcade cabinet in Level 0.


Leaving Level 371 is achieved by breaking a window, and jumping through it. Doing so will send one to Level 372. If one were to wander for long enough, they will end up reaching either Level 25 or Level 40.

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