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Level 133 is the (134)th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 114, aka The Museum, resembles an infinite museum where many random unknown artifacts are stored. M.E.G has tried studying these to try and find their origin, and who puts them there, but to no avail. Take note that this level is Euclidean, meaning that this level follows the physics of the The Frontrooms. There are many known objects as well, specifically Entity body parts, such as a Wretch's head, a Partypooper's mask, a Partygoer's hat, a Skin-Stealer hand, and a tooth of The Thing on Level 7. When you spawn in the level, you are behind the receptionist's desk, and the receptionist is a "Staff" entity.

There are only 2 living entities here. They are the staff, and Hounds with "The Level 11 effect". The staff are humanoid entities that look similar to humans, but with no mouth. They are
friendly entities who like social interaction and are very willing to answer questions when asked. They know many things that humans should know as well, such as sports teams, countries, possessions, etc. The Hounds act like actual dogs and are very friendly to humans, and can be tamed very easily with almond water. Once tamed, the hounds become completely loyal to the wanderer who tamed them, and can be used as a companion and/or guard dog.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Wretches Cafe

  • This is similar to Tom's Diner on Level 1. They are a cafe service that give food to wanderers. They receive supplies from the B.N.T.G every 2 weeks.

M.E.G Base Omicron

  • This is a M.E.G base with approximately 80 people. They are mostly wannabe and actual scientists, and their job is to study all the unknown pieces in the museum.

Homely Hotel 2: Electric Boogaloo

  • The Homely Hotel runs a hotel service in most safe levels of the Backrooms, and this is no exception. This colony's workers are "The Staff" Entities. This colony's manager's name is Mr. Kyle Edwards.

Entrances And Exits


Entering the Backrooms Museum building on Level 11 will send you here. This is the most common way to enter. There is a chance you can find a museum map in the supply crates on level 1. Upon looking at the map for 30 seconds, the wanderer will no-clip into the map and be sent here. There is an unconfirmed entrance that there is a rare chance to be sent to this level by saying "Deez Nuts" (Admit it, I got you).


You can leave this level by going through the giant door you spawn infront of. The door will lead to Level 1. Another way you can leave is there is a rare chance that when you handshake a Staff, you'll be sent to The Snackrooms.

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