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Class 3

  • Varied Safety
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  • Non-Human Civilizations

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Level 193 is the 194th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 193 consists of a valley surrounded on all four sides by an extensive mountain range, however these mountains resemble active volcanos on the eastern side of the level and snow-covered peaks on the western side. The size of this level is unknown, but drones have been sent out to distances of over 1000 miles (~1609.3 Kilometers) from the valley. This level has a day and night cycle that consists of 16 hours of day, followed by 16 hours of night, with the sun always rising at 90° east over the volcanos and setting at 270° west over the snowy peaks.

Upon entering Level 193, wanderers will find themselves within the valley, which is roughly circular in shape with a radius slightly under 3 miles (~4.8 kilometers). This valley resembles a park, with a grassy field and periodic trees. The valley is relatively safe as only a few hostile entities can be found, which are all unable to enter the well defended human settlement on this level. The volcanoes and snowy peaks to the east and west of the valley possess a far greater danger as they contain non-human civilizations who act hostile to both outsiders and each other. The volcanoes possess a civilization known as the Order of the Flames1. They are ruled exclusively by the Magma Grandmaster, but reports show his subjects still enjoy relative freedom to do what they like. The snowy peaks on the other side of the level possess a civilization known as the Icicle Republic. Contrary to the name, they are ruled by a non-elected council known as the Icicle Council, and reports show they control nearly every aspect of their subjects' lives. To the north and south of this level lies the Elemental Divide, which is where the volcanic and snowy environments mix. This place is extremely dangerous when the Order of the Flames and the Icicle Republic are fighting each other, as wanderers will find themselves caught in the middle of the battle and be killed by either side. When a battle is not ongoing the Elemental Divide is fairly safe due to similar temperatures to the valley. The divide is also home to the useful and highly sought after objects Hot Ice and Cold Fire2.

Various structures can be found throughout Level 193. In the exact center of the valley lies what was originally a library, which acts as the level's entrance. This library has been converted into a city hall by <insert town name> to properly welcome new wanderers and contain offices for the settlement. A playground can be found at the southern end of the valley near the entrance to the Elemental Divide, but Child Facelings and Hounds frequent this area, and thus it should be avoided3. Towers can be found throughout the mountain range, which will transport wanderers to the level printed above the tower entrance upon entering. The closest tower to the valley is located 13 miles (~20.9 kilometers) north of its center in the Elemental Divide. This tower serves as an access point to Level 40, which makes it an optimal exit for Wanderers and B.N.T.G-affiliated merchants. Castle ruins can also be found throughout the mountain ranges. They were originally thought to be creations of the Order of the Flames and the Icicle Republic, but drones have captured images of ruins located far outside of these civilizations' control and are now thought to be natural additions to the level. Cell towers have also been discovered throughout the level which emit a strong WiFi connection4 in a radius of 2 miles around the tower. No cell towers naturally exist within range of the valley, but the B.N.T.G constructed another tower in its center with a fast, wired connection to the closest natural tower.

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