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Picture illustrating Level 310, the bookshelves can't be seen

Level 310 is the 311th Level of the Backrooms. It seems to be a dark void filled with floating bookshelves.


level 310 is a space-like void with no gravity. In this void, there are floating objects, mainly consisting of bookshelves. All objects are clearly visible but the surroundings are pitch black. There seems to be a light that fills the entire level, allowing vision. Almond water and Cashew water can be found on shelves along with other survival necessities.

The floating bookshelves are filled with books (around 80 books per shelf). The books contain random letters and symbols from all languages. The books are all hard-cover, black books with random white letters on the cover. Occasionally, books from the frontrooms might appear but the letters will be scrambled and the pages will be slightly tattered.

The shelves seem to be scopophobic, pictures of bookshelves and have attempted to be taken, but they do not appear in the picture. Sampling the books have also been attempted but the books simply disappear when taken out of the level.

Staying in this level for too long is not recommended, when you are in this level, your senses will gradually become worse(loss of hearing, smell or vision, hallucinations). This process can be slowed by drinking almond water.

this level is mostly devoid of entities because of the gravity. But there are occasionally partygoers that can be seen in the distance.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits


  • opening a black, hard-cover book in the negative levels will send you here.
  • no-clip through a painting that closely resembles a library in level 57.
  • No-clipping through a shelf in the library of level 11 has a small chance of sending you here.


  • Finding a black hard-cover book and ripping out a page will send you back to the level you entered from.
  • Finding a book from the frontrooms and ripping out a page will send you to level 71. This is not recommended.
  • Finding a book comprised of paper stapled together and opening it will send you to level 409.
  • Opening a book from a shelf filled with wet books will send you to level 34 or level 43.
  • Stepping through a large, yellow door will transport you to level fun. This is also not recommended.
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