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13 Sorrow St.


Class 2

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  • Unsecure
  • Minimal Entity Count

13 Sorrow St. is an enigmatic level of the Backrooms.


13 Sorrow St. is a straight road of houses that stretches on approximately 42 km. When entered, the wanderer will feel a sense of melancholy and a hint of paranoia.


The first image that was attempted
to be taken in this level.

Wanderers always get sent to the start of the street where a sign that reads '13 SORROW ST.' can be found. The most prominent feature of this level is that everything in this level has a grayscale effect on it, including the wanderer when they enter the level. The only exception to this is Funzo the Clown's Fun House of Fun (see below). When anything exits the level, it quickly regains its original colors, though they may be faded for up to 3 hours. Another quirk of this level is that, similar to Level 12, photos cannot be taken. When a photo is taken in this level, it will instead be replaced with an unsettling image of a black background and a human eye at the centre. In this level, all the houses seem to be an exact copy-and-paste of each other, save for some houses. The level experiences permanent sunset, with the Sun in the west. Any attempts to walk off-road will be met with failure, as wanderers who try are transported to the front of the level.


Minimal entities are seen in this level, with only the occasional Smiler being seen in the normal houses. There have been reports of Windows being found in this level, but this, as of now, has not been confirmed. Hounds have also been seen roaming around the level, but only after the 20km mark.

Special Houses

Below are the listed houses that are different from the copy-paste houses.

Terror Mansion

One of the houses that are different from the rest is the Terror Mansion. Out front of it, there is a sign that reads:


It is a 200m by 200m mansion that resembles that of a 1800s early-Victorian era mansion. It can be found 20km into the street. The master bedroom is locked, and is theorized to be where the Owner is at. There are no current records on the Owner or what they can do. The inside of the mansion has nothing worth taking except in the kitchen, where there is always food in the fridge and pantry.

The fridge mysteriously is always powered by electricity from an unknown source. The contents of both the fridge and the pantry refresh anywhere from 12 hours to 3 weeks, making this a good but unreliable source of food at times. The food is observed to be various off brand products like those from Level 480, including items like Dr. Thunder.

Funzo the Clown's Fun House of Fun

Around 30km into the level, wanderers can find Funzo the Clown's Fun House of Fun. This is the only thing in the level that is not on a grayscale, so one's eyes may have a hard time adjusting to the bright, vibrant colors at first. This house is a 300m by 300m house with 3 floors and a polka dot pattern outside. It also features a large sign above the entrance that reads:


The identity of Funzo is has not been determined as of now. Upon entering the house, there will be several different twisting hallways with constant disorienting effects such as fog or strobe lights. This area of the level is observed to decrease wanderers' sanity quickly, so proceed with caution. However, throughout the house Liquid Silence can be found, making this area of the level high risk, high reward. If one wishes to attempt to venture into the fun house, it is recommended to bring a rope to drop with you along the way so you can exit through the entrance as there is no other exit.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M.E.G Base Sorrow Fellows

  • Consists of 15 M.E.G agents
  • Help wanderers stuck here or in need of help to leave the level
  • Friendly and open to trade
  • Located 5km from the entrance

Entrances And Exits


  • No-clipping into the floor on Level 166 can bring you here.
  • Walking around 20km away from Level 9 may bring you here.


  • Walk all the way to the end of the street and you will be transported to Level 215.
  • Entering a room in the Terror Mansion labelled 'LAUNDRY' will transport you to the lobby of Level 5.
  • Walking away from the street for 20km will lead you back to Level 9.

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