Class 2

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Level 301 is the 302nd level of The Backrooms.


Level 301 is an expanding void that is filled with real-life manifestations and representations of the M.E.G. database. Wanderers who have entered Level 301 have described themselves as standing in the middle of nothingness, yet being able to walk through the black void as if they were simply walking on a normal floor.

Level 301 is finite, but is expanding as the M.E.G. database grows. It is currently measured at 7.4mi2 and expands by a seemingly random number of square feet per article added to the database.


A demo of Level 11 in Level 301.

Throughout Level 301, countless holograms can be seen floating in the void. These range from simple images of articles in the M.E.G. database to "demos" of various entities, levels, and objects documented in the M.E.G. Database.


A demo of an unknown level. Exploration into this demo is planned for a future testing session.

The holograms can be interacted with in various ways. For instance, if a wanderer were to imagine a change to the article they wish to make and simply brush their hand across the hologram, the actual M.E.G. article as well as the hologram will change accordingly. Due to this, the M.E.G. is attempting to close off all access to the level in order to suppress any major changes to the database.

Interacting with demos produces varying results depending on the type of demo being interacted with. Following are test logs of interactions with various demos throughout Level 301.

Level 301 "demos" Test Logs

It is theorized that Level 301 is the main tool used by the Partygoers to alter the database.

Bases, Colonies, and Outposts

M.E.G. Base "Damage Control"

M.E.G. base Damage Control is situated in the center1 of Level 301. M.E.G. operatives constantly patrol Level 301 looking for any entities who have found their way in. Any entities that are found are neutralized on the spot, and any wanderers found will be instructed on how to leave.


No entities inhabit Level 301;2 however, entities from other levels seem to enter this level extremely frequently. The reason for this is unknown, but after incident 301-1, an investigation into this is currently underway.

Entrances and Exits:


The entrance method to Level 301 is currently being concealed in an effort to prevent the alteration of M.E.G. Articles.


To Exit Level 301, simply noclip while in any level demo in order to be transported to that actual level.

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