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A photograph taken by a member of The Consortium. It depicts their entrance point on the crest of a small incline.

Level 143 is the 144th Level of the Backrooms, and was documented by The Cloaked Consortium in late May of 2017.

Level 143 manifests itself as a likely infinite (or otherwise extremely lengthy) beam bridge surrounded by water on both sides, populated by facelings driving cars.


Level 143 is immediately recognizable as a concrete, two-lane, modern bridge stretching out seemingly infinitely in both directions, with a row of two-sided street lamps (containing full circuitry to be activated, yet lacking any power or power source) on a thin median. The sky is in a constant state of overcast, and no weather besides a light breeze has been recorded. Clouds move slowly in a consistent direction roughly perpendicular to the bridge, but the exact direction cannot be determined due to all compasses and compass-like equipment being completely static and inoperative within this Level. The daylight cycle of this Level is stagnant, but it is unclear exactly what time of day it is due to the sun being completely obscured—it is estimated to be around late morning to noon.

When first entering this Level, it is immediately important that one stays off either of the two lanes and remains on the sidewalks of the bridge. Vehicles inexplicably travel at a constant 40mph, and failure to do so could result in being struck—these vehicles stop for nothing and no one. If you wish to travel from one side of the bridge to another, move quickly and remain vigilant.

The frequency of vehicles throughout the Level varies drastically. Vehicles are usually spaced about 20-40 feet apart, but in some cases, car density can increase or decrease to the point where there is no space between cars whatsoever or one can walk for hours without seeing a single vehicle. Though vehicles can usually be seen coming from miles away, they can occasionally appear or disappear from areas on the road currently outside of one's perception. For this reason, it is advised to stay off the roads whenever possible.

Along the edges of the bridge, one will occasionally come across green portable toilets (usually found by themselves, but occasionally in clusters of 2-5) with white rooves spaced roughly a quarter-mile to 2 miles apart. They are moveable with a team of a few men, but one will find them seemingly indestructible despite being made of plastic. Though it is unclear how much damage these objects can take before breaking, they are able to withstand a direct car collision, gunfire, and puncture attempts with a pickaxe.

Upon opening one, you will either find an entrance to any of the Level's (later listed) exits, or the much more likely chance of transporting oneself out the door of a different portable toilet into what appears to be a completely different part of the Level.

It is also worth noting that on The Consortium's expedition, two blue portable toilets with white rooves were encountered—one by itself and the other clustered among 2 green portable toilets. It is highly advised not to interact with blue portable toilets whatsoever. When a Consortium member grasped the handle to open it, the blue portable toilet disappeared instantly, taking them along with it. This member has not been seen or heard from since. At this time, it is uncertain whether this resulted in their death or them being transported to a different Level.

Peering over the edge of the thick metal and concrete railings on either side of the bridge reveals a vast, endless ocean of churning, deep blue water roughly 200 feet below the bridge. Smells of the ocean and cries of seagulls can be heard from in the far distance, though no such seagulls or other aquatic life have been witnessed. Samples taken from the "ocean" have been tested and proven to be a more saline variant of regular Almond Water. Boiling and purifying this Almond water makes it completely safe to drink, with no unwanted side effects.

Gazing off into the distance shows only the ocean, clouds, and the eventual horizon, and no other landmasses have been viewed. It is important to note that peering over the bridge alone or for an extended period of time is not recommended, as one will begin to experience an extremely strong sense of "the call of the void." Though no deaths have been recorded, all wanderers who have looked over the bridge's edge for more than 15 seconds report seriously considering jumping, and several have reported even beginning to climb over before stopping themselves.

One will notice that some stretches of the bridge have an incline or decline varying in steepness quite drastically for no apparent reason. It is interesting to note that cars have no problem climbing up or down these slopes, even when it becomes extremely difficult or unsafe for a human or normal car to climb. It is likely that by continuing up this slope—climbing gear is advised in certain instances—you will in time observe the bridge sloping back up or back down to its original height of about 200 feet above sea level. There seems to be no limit to how high the bridge can slope up to (the recorded maximum being 1,319 ft.), but no part of the bridge has been recorded to go below sea level. There has yet to be a slope higher than 90 degrees recorded. Slopes of higher angles are far rarer to come across than those of lower angles, leading to the conclusion that the relationship between the slope steepness and the chance of it occurring is proportional. Do note that the elevation slope's peak and the angle of the slope are not related in any known way, as some very flat slopes took wanderers hundreds of feet into the air meanwhile a nearly 90-degree slope was observed to only climb roughly 7 feet before leveling off again, and that all slopes round off to varying degrees when meeting a different angle (some look like hills, meanwhile others connect with fairly sharp corners).

It is unclear at this time exactly how large Level 143 is, but no start or endpoint has been discovered. Portable toilets have not been observed to change location from where they are left, and thus have been used to map the bridge's length to a minimum of 103,715 ft. Due to the bridge's uniform nature of repeating sections of concrete, road, and street lamps coupled with a lack of complete exploration, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to rule out the notion that the Level is an infinite, looping, or non-linear space.

Throughout the Level, many varying phenomena can be experienced. Aside from a strong sense of "the call of the void" when peering over the edge (as previously mentioned), one will notice that the entire Level seems to be at a lower audio volume than the rest of The Backrooms. Any Sound coming from inside the Level is significantly quieter and has been described by wanderers as "having invisible earplugs in," or "silence blaring in your ears." This has been dubbed "The Consortium Effect." This effect may be incredibly disorienting or jarring when first experienced, but the band of wanderers eventually became accustomed to it after a few hours and simply talked at a higher volume to aid ease of communication.

Occasionally, what appears to be a dark, shadowy, humanoid figure will appear far off in the distance walking along the bridge. As one tries to approach the figure, it slowly fades away. Projectiles travel directly through it, so it has been concluded that these figures are simply illusions created by the Level.

Vehicle Information and Faceling Behavior (Important)

The only known entities that inhabit this Level are facelings that drive upon the Level's bridge. Though nothing is particularly out of the ordinary about their dress or attire, all adult facelings seem to be in a fairly irritated or stressed mood if interacted with while stopped. Stopping a faceling is extremely hard to do and rather dangerous—it should not be attempted alone or without the proper equipment. 1-2 of them are usually found per vehicle. If a conversation with them is attempted, they claim they have "somewhere to be" or "an urgent rendezvous" and refuse to answer any questions about their identity, their destination, their past, the anatomy of their vehicles, the Level, or The Backrooms in general.

A maximum of 3 faceling children are sometimes found in the backseats of vehicles. These children will sit still without saying a word regardless of whatever is used to stimulate a reaction. Some are found crying out of nonexistent eyes, most often quietly.1

The only reliable way to speak with any of Level 143's facelings is to find a broken-down vehicle or to forcefully break down a vehicle yourself. Broken-down vehicles can occasionally be found along the bridge, often with the vehicle's hood up and smoke emanating from what is assumed to be the vehicle's internal workings on some occasions and a puzzled-looking faceling looming over the engine. Other cars will usually swerve around the vehicle, but direct collisions usually resulting in fatalities have occurred. Giving the faceling time to either fix the car's problem themselves or assisting in its repair results in the faceling immediately remounting the car and driving away. Cars have curiously been observed to have no acceleration period whatsoever and appear to regain a speed of 40 mph instantly. Trying to enter a vehicle or tamper with it further causes the adult faceling to immediately charge toward you and attack without saying a word. Due to this, no definite knowledge of the inner workings of these vehicles has been recorded.

However, broken-down vehicles have allowed Consortium members to get a better look at the vehicles' external structure and designs, and uncovered a multitude of interesting notes;

  • All cars inspected seem to have structural similarities to cars from the 1990s-2010s.
  • No company or model name can be found anywhere on the vehicles' exterior, and no car has been able to be identified as being a particular model or coming from a particular brand.
  • Out of the seven cars inspected, only two had license plates, the first reading "IW4NT-2GO" and the other reading "UNHAPPY."
  • One car had a bumper sticker reading "NOT ALL WHO ARE LOST WENT WANDERING."
  • No cars have been observed to have any sort of major defects aside from a few scratches across their sides.
  • All back windows on the vehicles were tinted.
  • One vehicle had a pickup truck bed. This bed was empty, but other trucks on the road have been viewed to have all sorts of items in their beds, ranging from piles of tied-down lumber to children's toys to lawnmowers.

No vehicle has actually been seen going from fully functional to broken-down, so it is unknown how this phenomenon appears naturally.

Attempting to forcefully stop the cars with an artificial blockade or weapon is just as risky as it is difficult. Cars will usually attempt to drive directly through any blockade with varying degrees of success, though some will swerve out of the way and collide with the sides of the bridge. This will cause them to behave as though their vehicle had broken down.

Stopping them either by brutally injuring the driver or by damaging the car to the point of nonfunction with a weapon will cause all alive adult facelings to stop the vehicle, exit, and begin pursuing whoever damaged the car without end. Attempting to hide proves ineffective due to the bridge's flat and open nature, so attempting to escape the Level or killing the facelings proves the most effective options.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Though creating a settlement upon the sidewalks of the bridge or the endless ocean is conceivable, at this time there are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this Level.

Entrances And Exits


Currently, it is unclear exactly where this Level can be entered or exited from naturally, as The Cloaked Consortium discovered it accidentally when pressing the wrong button inside of an elevator.


While exits have yet to be completely documented, those discovered seem to follow an odd pattern. After peeking into 24 portable toilets before exiting, The Cloaked Consortium found entrances to Level 83, Level 2, Level 131, Level 499, Level 401, Level 17, two currently unidentified levels, and Level 19. The Cloaked Consortium then entered Level 19 and has not returned to Level 143 since. A clever mathematician among them pointed out that all the designation numbers on the levels were prime numbers. Another pointed out that all levels they encountered had an existing artificial structure for a door to be placed on (allowing for entry). It is unclear whether this was mere coincidence or a part of a larger pattern.

It is also worth noting that there is a possibility that contacting a blue portable toilet transports one to a different Level, but this (nor a possible destination) has yet to be recorded or proven, and attempting such is not advised.

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