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Class Contested [human]

  • Contested
  • Presence of hostile factions
  • Eyes of Argos presence

Level 133 is the 134th Level of the Backrooms.

Level 133 is one of the few levels claimed by the U.E.C


An image of one of the hallways in level 133 which leads into a black wall.


Level 133 is an futuristic military facility. The facility of level 133 consist of hallways, infirmaries, chemical labs and armories.


The halls of level 133 are similar to the hallways of any building with the exception of mechanical whirring and human shouting echoing through the halls. To enter another room from the hall, a wanderer must press their hand on a door with the name of a room listed above. If done correctly, they will no-clip through the floor and into the selected room however wanderers have occasionally came across fully black walls which will no-clip the wanderer into a random room of the level.


The Infirmaries of level 133 are where most of the supplies are located on this level. The supplies contained within level 133 are Almond Water and Royal Rations. The supplies restock on a regular basis but are known to also "spawn" entities during a restock.

Due to the hostile factions and the spawning of entities, the Infirmaries are high-risk, high-reward.

Chemical labs

The chemical labs have the appearance of a standard chemistry lab full of mixing machines where different substances such as Almond Water Liquid Pain and Cashew Water can be found inside of beakers and flasks. While these substances behave like normal, when combined using the mixing machines, they form a substance that is known to damage human organs and entities alike. It is advised to stay away from chemical labs as the substances made in the labs can be very harmful and hostile factions tend to stay around these areas collecting the substance, making these rooms very dangerous.


The Armories contain different weapons and ammunition that can be used to a wanderers' advantage. The Armories are the most dangerous due to hostile factions using the room for restocking weapons. Similar to the Infirmaries, the Armories create a high-risk, high-reward situation.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

U.E.C: Outpost Σ

  • Setup in one of the armories
  • Open to trading as long as you are not a member of the M.E.G
  • In constant conflict with the Eyes of Argos

Eyes of Argos: Liberators

  • Explores the level hunting down members of the U.E.C
  • Entity 74 is frequently seen with this outpost
  • In constant conflict with the U.E.C
  • Friendly as long as you have not committed a sin

M.E.G: Comiadis

  • Set up in order to protect wanderers from hostile factions
  • Is open to trade as long as you are not a member of a hostile faction
  • Made up of 30 people in a chemistry lab

Hostile factions

The term hostile factions refers to factions of any size on both sides of the conflict. These factions are to be avoided due to their undocumented nature.

The conflict

The U.E.C discovered level 133 on February, 30, 1942 and has since been used to supply weapons and supplies. This caused the Eyes of Argos to invade the level in order to "purge the sin of ground 133". Since then, many different factions have showed up for their own reasons.

Entrances and Exits

The only entrance to level 133 is from Level 127 through metallic doors and a wanderer can exit from the same way the wanderer came from.

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