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A wide desert featuring the main road on Level 782

Level 782 is the 783rd Level of the Backrooms.

Level 782 is a large, barren desert with many prominent military structures.


Level 782 is a large level consisting of a barren desert populated by military bases and convoys. The level features many military structures, such as bases, outposts, and missile silos. The desert has been recorded to reach temperatures of up to 134.7 degrees Fahrenheit. There is little to no shade when not in a structure, so wanderers should aim to reach a deserted structure by daybreak.
Convoys consisting of Entities can often be found roaming the desert. These convoys often have large amounts of supplies within them, and most often consist of up to 30 vehicles, along with 1-2 air support vehicles. These convoys often feature up to 12 supply trucks, while the rest are devoted to the defense of the transports. The convoys are often used for a variety of reasons, with the main ones being trade and the transport of units. The trade convoys often carry items to other friendly Factions' bases, and the unit ones most often carry them to friendly bases of the same faction. However, other uses have not been unheard of. VIP transport, assault units, and simple patrols are uncommon in the desert.
Entities in the level can often be dangerous and hostile, and as such require caution to be used when interacting with them. Entities posses humanoid structures, but lack all facial features besides blank, dark eye sockets. Corpses that have been investigated have revealed that no light can enter the eye sockets. . The convoys should be approached with caution, as if you show anything that could be perceived as hostility to them, they will engage.
Supplies are non-existent outside of structures, unless left by others before you. Structures are, however, a hotspot for entities and other wanderers.
Entities that are native to the backrooms, but not to level-782 can spawn here, but with much lower chances to than other levels. Entities native to the level do see these invaders as 'threats', and actively hunt them as such.


Bases, Outposts and Communities

Add any bases or outposts you'd like to add.
If there are no bases, outposts or communities please write:
"There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level"

M.E.G Station Zeta

  • Located near a key Airfield, controls the Airfield and the nearby Depot.
  • Friendly to wanderers, and will escort them to the exit or provide them with supplies.
  • Allows wanderers to take flight in order to exit to Level 36.1.
  • Allied with the Green and Purple Faction.
  • Houses 102 people, and 57 Refugees.
  • At war with the Crimson Faction.

B.N.T.G Resource Scavenging Post Bravo

  • Houses around 81 people, with 57 being scavengers.
  • Neutral to outside wanderers.
  • Housed at a depot, and controls 1 other depot in the area.
  • Allied with the Purple Faction, the Faction allows them to take supplies form their Depots.
  • At war with the Crimson and the Orange Faction.

The 'War Machines'

  • A group of 12-15 people.
  • Hostile to M.E.G and B.N.T.G members.
  • Maintains control over a camp.
  • Willing to trade for food, as they lack a sufficient supply.


A large amount of entities native to this level reside here, as they cannot be found on any others. Something to note is that the bodies will disappear after 3 hours from the point of death. Items still in contact with the body will disappear as well, but the equipment removed will not.


Several factions exist, being made up of entities and wanderers alike. There are 5 prominent ones in total, with some seeming to mimic real-world groups. They are grouped by color, and fly that as their flag.
The factions are attached in the file below.

Entrances And Exits


Entering a tank vehicle in Level 3 will noclip you to Level 782.
A scavenging route established by the B.N.T.G is currently being used and provides transport from Level 1
Jumping out of an emergency door on Level 36.1 with a parachute will leave you here.


Utilizing any civilian aircraft will lead you to Level 36.1
Picking up and firing a Lee Enfield Mk III rifle will knock you unconscious, and upon awakening you will be in Level 49
Launching a missile from a missile silo's control panel will cause you to transport levels yet stay in the silo. When you next surface from the silo, you will be in Level 0, and the hatch will disappear when you look away.
Following the main road for 80 miles and it will eventually begin to transition into Level 11
Using the Scavenging route established by the B.N.T.G will lead you to Level 1



A computer terminal's hard drive was successfully recovered by M.E.G Operatives from a Green Faction base.
The attached document is the uploaded version of this hard drive. Credentials for access have been uploaded already.
Due to these actions, the M.E.G is currently engaging in peace negotiations with the Green Faction, however combat between the groups is also ongoing. If you are to approach any Green Faction structures or members, show no signs of M.E.G allegiance while also avoiding communication regarding the M.E.G, its' members, or any o the M.E.G's actions..

GLUBO Corporation's Model 72 Computer System,

Copyright 8237.

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