The Valley of Extremes
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Class Weather

  • Extremely Unsafe
  • Inhospitable Weather
  • Nature Controlling Entity

*Recording tape begins to play*
Hello there! I am… well… something beyond your consciousness. You can call me the Weather Lord, cause that is what I control. Think of me as an all-powerful being that can manipulate Mother Nature herself into whatever I desire. I'm here to give you a rundown on my newest toy, Level 345. It's known as… we'll call it The Valley of Extremes, as humans call it. I call it by my experimental lab, because I use it to test the will of humans. The level is sort of known for its ridiculous weather conditions, caused by… I think it's pretty obvious. I will now try to be as professional as possible to warn you humans so you all know what is in store for you.

About me, the Weather Lord

I am what you guys would call an Enigmatic Entity. I personally see gender as something that doesn't matter, but for the people who care, I go by non-binary, or they/them. I highly doubt any other being can control nature just like I do. A basic description of what I look like includes pitch black skin with a featureless face, sort of like a Faceling. I also wear the attire of a rainbow crown, with my special crown jewel, which I'll describe later, within the crown. I also don a suit of white armor, not unlike the knights of the Middle Ages within your universe. Along with that comes with a cape, a black cape. I also have a wand, which is rainbow, with an orb at the center, which is used to harness my powers. Wanderers also might be wondering what I act like, and for the sake of M.E.G., I will tell you. For the people within the safe version of the level, I am generally polite and nice, with a calm demeanor. For the people in the unsafe versions, however, I am extremely hostile, due to the fact that I enjoy inflicting pain on others. People see me as a sadistic psychopath, and I take that as a compliment.


Level 345 is an infinitely long and infinitely tall canyon, with the appearance being similar to the Grand Canyon, except that the rock is a rock called Stormite, which is a sedimentary rock, and it takes on the color orange here, and is indestructible. There are also multiple dead bush plants that can be spotted around you, which is of a species even I do not know of. This place's usefulness comes from the fact that it is my experimental lab. I see what new abilities I can use from time to time, and I take my anger out on humanity. There is a reason why I do this though…

Phase 1

Phase 1 is either when someone has first entered the level for ten minutes, or…………

Hahaha… anyways. Sorry for the inconvenience. Sometimes, people will act up. Now, I'll describe what happens in this barren wasteland. The first phase is the Sunshine phase. If you are here for over ten minutes, then that means you will most likely find the way out, due to the fact that this is the only phase where I will not try to bring as much suffering as I can physically do to a being. But there isn't an exit. I'm positive about it. The Sunshine phase has weather consisting of a nice 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or around 21 degrees Celsius, with a breeze of only 3 miles an hour, or about 4.8 kilometers an hour. This allows you to be able to have time to possibly converse with the other lucky ones. There's even potential to find an occasional bird or two. And don't worry, this bird is friendly. It's a bird of a species similar to pigeon, but I'm not exactly sure what they are. You can also find plants, which grow fruit that is similar to apples from the Frontrooms, but, because I'm nice, the apples taste like whatever you want them to taste like. You might also see me occasionally stopping by in this section after I'm done torturing others. This is my resting place, and a way I can find others to fight M.E.G.

Why don't you take a little nap? Don't trust anything you see within these journals and recordings. They are all liars. You can trust me. After all, why would I lie to you?

Phase Two

This phase is meant for most people that enter this level, the Heat Rain phase. Ten minutes after you first enter this level, the sky will quickly turn dark and storm clouds will fill the sky. The wind speeds will start picking up until they reach 100 miles an hour, which is also 160 kilometers an hour. The temperatures will increase to an unbearable 110 degrees Fahrenheit, or 43 degrees Celsius. But both of those shouldn't be your main concern. The clouds are filled with something far worse than normal rain. Within this phase, it rains boiling water down onto the world. Instead of the normal rain patterns that are found, it will periodically rain school desk sized drops of boiling water, which would easily result in death… except it doesn't. Lastly, there is a 50% chance that every minute, somewhere within the valley, a tornado will form, with speeds of 300 miles an hour, or 420 kilometers an hour.

…Ignore these, they don't serve any purpose to you.

Phase 3

I call this phase Freezing Hell. Just as in Phase Two, ten minutes after you enter, the sky will go dark and storm clouds will enter. But then it will begin to snow. The snow temperature isn't like Frontrooms snow. It is -20 degrees Fahrenheit, or -28 degrees Celsius, but it snows the same consistency as the boiling rain in Phase 2. The normal outside temperature of this portion is 0 degrees Fahrenheit, or -17 degrees Celsius, which corresponds to frostbite and things of the sorts. Also, there are chances for blizzards to occur, with a 25% chance every minute. The temperatures drop to Absolute Zero, resulting on all bodily functions to stop working, for the duration of the blizzard, but instead of death, it is excruciatingly painful. The blizzards do not form throughout the entire canyon, so if you see one, you have a chance to escape depending upon how close it is. You also will need to watch out for hail, which changes size randomly, and the size differs every hour. This phase is purely for any members of M.E.G., after what the have done to me.

The Eye of The Storm

How would a wanderer be able to survive these horrendous conditions. Why is it not a Deadzone class level? It's all because of a certain gem I found years ago. It is called the Eye of the Storm. The Eye of the Storm is a rainbow, diamond shaped gem that has several anomalous powers. One of those powers is the ability to control life and death, meaning that I have chosen to make everyone within this level immortal. Yes, that means you cannot die within Level 345. Just infinite suffering at the hands of me. Another one of these powers, which is useless to me, is the ability to control the weather, and nature. You can instantly burn someone alive, or freeze them to death with this gem. You can summon tornadoes to wreak havoc.

If I had this, then why wouldn't I be able to leave? Well, there appears to be some sort of barrier that only allows me to connect to a few certain levels. Two of them include my castle, which I'll elaborate on some other time, and this desolate valley.


There's a reason behind the madness and chaos. There is a reason why I'm like this to humans. It's because you all trapped me here. Or, the M.E.G. did. That's why phase 3 is only for them. I want them to feel the pain and loneliness that I have felt over all this time, all these years. Once someone lets me out of here, I'll show them their mistakes. I'll have them suffer an endless loop of pain and suffering, for that's what they have given to me over all this time. Only recently did I make this level, just so I can have something to do. The M.E.G. is going to pay for what they've done once I'm free.

Outposts, Bases, and Communities

Due to the weather, there is no possible chance outposts can exist apart from on Phase 1, and none exist there.

Entrances and Exits

If you really want to know how to get in, there are two possible ways.


The first way to end up here is to survive some sort of natural disaster. If you do that, there is a 50% chance you will no-clip here. The second way to do it is if you feel a strong gust of wind seemingly coming from nowhere, that means that you have joined the cause.


There are no exits

Additional Resources

*Recording ends*
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