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The Attic is an enigmatic level in the Backrooms, initially discovered on November 25, 1999.



An infested area. The floor is completely obscured by thick webs, while the walls are only partially obscured by lighter webs.

The Attic is presumably connected to every single indoor level, via the ceiling. Despite this, it can be quite difficult to get into the level. Attempts to break through the ceiling often lead into the Blue Channel instead. The Attic can be compared to Level 19, as both are cramped attics with a low entity count.1 Wanderers often mistake the two for the same level.

The Attic contains many different types of arachnids, which are no different from those in the Frontrooms other than their webs.2 Larger arachnids create thicker, more rough webs, while smaller arachnids create lighter, more soft webs. The thick webs are comparable to snow in terms of appearance.3

The deeper one goes, the more they will realize the level becoming damp. This is caused by Almond Water seeping from somewhere above the level. The source has yet to be located. Strangely, hunger does not seem to apply to the level.4

The Attic does not have any known entities, however, entities are absolutely present. The reason no entities have been identified is because all entities in the level seem to lack the ability to make noise, making them incredibly stealthy. All entity-related deaths in the level are done briefly and silently. The M.E.G. research team responsible for The Attic currently has entity identification as a top priority.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Ceiling Creepers

  • A group that has decided to reside in The Attic.
  • Friendly unless provoked.
  • 5 members, all elderly.
  • Armed with shotguns to fight against entities.

Entrances And Exits


  • Breaking through the ceiling in any indoor level is the only consistent way to enter The Attic.
  • The only other method is by no-clipping into a wooden pillar in any level, but this is significantly less likely to lead into The Attic.


  • Unknown, however, it is presumably possible to enter Level 19 by exploring deep enough. This has not been tested by researchers, but there have been several claims from wanderers about exiting this way.

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