The Upset Kitten 5



  • Wake up. You're SO CLOSE stuck.
  • Wake up. They're STILL THERE gone.
  • Wake up. I'm the WRONG right one.

GRIEF is an enigmatic level in the Backrooms, initially discovered on $$#&*&%$@&*%$^@$. You should be made aware that you are being watched while reading this. This article is safe to read.



It will never be the same again.

GRIEF is eternity. An eternity that was made to show you the
GRIEF is where you need to be, as it holds the only real words of truth. Most of the articles are actually wrong, you know. They're just made to make you think the opposite of what's actually true. A level marked as Class 5 is more along the lines of a Class 0 level, and a Class 0 a Class 5. Use the old yet functional computers. They hold the true articles.
GRIEF is the best place to go for knowledge. It makes you realize that everyone you know is dead, and that you're never going back home.

The only entity here is me, which is lucky, considering I am a being of truth.


You're safe with me.

Entrances And Exits


All you need to do is wake up. Open your eyes to see the truth. I know you can do it.


To the Backrooms, N/A. Here, it's simple. Just walk through a hole in the wall, which there are many of. I'll miss you, but I'll still be glad you've been awakened to your true reality.

The Upset Kitten 6

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