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An Oozing Snatcher engaging in a chase.

Entity Number: 73

Habitat(s): Majority


Oozing Snatchers are a species of highly aggressive entities in the Backrooms. They are known for their long right arms, which they use to grab wanderers and crush them with brute force.


Oozing Snatchers are described as curious yet harmful creatures, as they are often spotted exploring a level as if it is completely new to them. Oozing Snatchers often come across difficulties when trying to attack wanderers as a result of their poor eyesight.1


Oozing Snatchers are comprised almost entirely of a sticky, black substance. This substance is comparable to tar in terms of consistency. Although Oozing Snatchers have no skeleton, they do have a brain, which is approximately the size of a common housecat's brain. Although the brain is one of the only organs in their bodies, with the other organ being an eye, Oozing Snatchers function completely ordinarily. Oozing Snatchers only have one eye and one arm. Oozing Snatchers have poor eyesight, similar to that of a Rhinoceros' eyesight, so as a result they commonly use their arm to feel around for wanderers. Their arm can be extended to an unknown length, which can catch wanderers off guard while wandering the Backrooms.


Oozing Snatchers were discovered on January 1st, 1978 when an unidentified wanderer was being chased through Level 1, before getting killed in front of several M.E.G. members.2

Do's and Don'ts


  • Run as fast as you can if you are in the vicinity of an Oozing Snatcher.
  • Avoid black smudges on the wall or floor.
  • Listen for oozing sounds.


  • Approach an Oozing Snatcher.
  • Attempt to intimidate an Oozing Snatcher.

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