The Upset Kitten 2


Class Varied

  • Changing Safety
  • Unpredictable Security
  • Fluctuating Entity Count

Level 216 is the 217th Level of the Backrooms, initially discovered on February 11th, 2012.



A lobby in Level 216. The popcorn is not edible, do not attempt to eat it.

Level 216 is a movie theater approximately 158 million square miles in length and 162 million square miles in width. There are four different types of rooms you can encounter, consisting of lobbies, hallways, restrooms, and theaters.


Lobbies are often the first room encountered by wanderers in Level 216. Lobbies are either extremely safe or extremely dangerous, so it is advised to proceed with caution. Dangerous lobbies are typically full of Facelings and Smilers in darker areas, while safe lobbies are typically only home to one singular adult Faceling, and are often used for socialization among wanderers. The adult Facelings in dangerous lobbies do not work as any roles, though the adult Facelings in safe lobbies work as every role, ranging from janitorial services to management. The only source of hydration in Level 216 comes from these Facelings, as they will provide wanderers with Almond Water. Strangely, the Facelings do not serve any food items. The only source of food in Level 216 is the amount of random chip bags found on the floor throughout safe lobbies. When arriving in Level 216, most wanderers will encounter a safe lobby. There have only been 2 confirmed cases of wanderers arriving in dangerous lobbies.


Hallways seem to be "in-between" in terms of safety. The only entities that physically appear in hallways are Clumps. All other entities in Level 216 can be seen in framed pictures along the walls, alongside the strange inclusion of Partygoers and King Rasputin Bartholemew III, even though neither have ever been reported in Level 216. The majority of Level 216 is hallways.


Restrooms are heavily considered to be the safest rooms in Level 216, as no entities have ever been spotted inside one. Restrooms are also home to the only exits in Level 216, as the doors in the lobbies are blacked out and not functional. The exits to Level 216 are through the mirrors in the restrooms.


Theaters are almost always infested with Skin-Stealers, making them almost impossible to stay in. On the rare occasion that you may be able to find a safe theater, any movie available in The Frontrooms can be seen playing on the screen. This movie will switch to a different movie when finished. Any human vocalizations detected will cause a poisonous gas to fill the room, killing anyone or anything inside within 32 seconds. Enter theaters with caution.

Entrances And Exits


The only known entrance to Level 216 is by no-clipping through the floor in Level 68.


The only known exit to Level 216 is through the mirrors in the restrooms, which will take you to Level 189.

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