The Underlingness

Level -11 is an enigmatic level of the Backrooms. This level is known as The Abnormal Mountain Scape.


The level seems to be an abnormal mountain scape that is oddly shaped, and is much more different than any normal mountain scape in the Frontrooms. The appearance of this mountain scape, is a group of massive stoney cones that stand way taller than the clouds. Another thing is that the mountains only seem to be made out of stone, except the top of the mountains, because there is vegetation at the top of them. The main way of traversing this level is incredibly unsafe, because of how unstable most of the paths are, which are wooden bridges that go across the sky, and how easy it is to fall off said bridges (the caves are the safe parts to traverse). This level seems to have entities; however they seem to
only occupy the lower parts, and the higher parts of the level.


When you enter the level, you will start on a floating stone cube that connects to many wooden sky bridges that branch off into many places in the level. The stone cube/the start is placed in a location called the "Equilibrium Zone". This means you and the cube will start at the middle point of the level's height, which is 5000 metres above the bottom, and 5000 metres below the highest point. In total, this makes the mountains 10000 metres tall, which is larger than Mount Everest from the frontrooms. The main way you traverse this level is by going on the wooden sky bridges that do reach across the entire level, so make sure to keep a good balance when traversing the bridges of this level, because if you don't, you will surely fall to your death.


If you can get to a mountain, you are in luck, because these mountains will have openings in them that lead you into the caves of the mountain (openings and exits to the caves only exist in the Equilibrium Zone). The caves are the safest part of the level, and that these caves are also the easiest way to climb up or down the Equilibrium Zone safely. These caves strangely have a glow inside of them, which allows the wanderers to easily traverse the cave's systems. These caves can lead you up to 2500 metres above the start of the level, and 2500 metres below the start of the level. In the caves you can come across random ruins that can lead to level 28. Also there are lakes in these caves that are composed purely of almond water, but if you swim to the bottom of these lakes and find an opening, they can lead into level 27's waters.


The more dangerous parts of the level, are the higher parts, and the lower parts below the clouds. I'll start off with The Lower Zone. Below 2500 metres from the start, is where mountain caves cut off, and is also the threshold where there is no light, because the clouds cut of all of the light anomalously. Another thing to beaware of is that all types of entities run rampant across The Lower Zone. The only way to descend the rest of the way down, is through the wooden sky bridges. No entity at this point will go after you on the wooden sky bridges, other than the female Deathmoths. The Lower Zone has an extra layer of difficulty to traverse, because you have no natrual light to guide you, and that female Deathmoths will try to attack you at any moment on the wooden sky bridges. When you reach the lowet point of the level, there will be no more protection between you and the entities that exist at the lowest point. Down here the only things you will come across are the dead fields, the entities, the occasional dead trees, or the wooden shacks (do not enter the wooden shacks under any means). You can find the exit of the level here, which is a manhole that will lead you to level -12.


The other part of the level is The Above Zone. The Above Zone is 2500 metres above the start of the level, and has a similar property to the The Lower Zone, which is that the caves seemingly can't go into any area that isn't the Equilibrium Zone. So the only way to get to the top of the level, is by going on the wooden sky bridges. Up to this point, wind didn't seem to exist, but now wind can natrually occur. The wind will get more and more aggressive the higher you go up the level. This is a terrible sitution to be in, because you can be flipped off the wooden sky bridges a lot more easily, which will lead you to your death. However there is one entity that resides here, which only exists on this level. That entity is called the "Hawk", the Hawk seems to be similar to what the hounds are, but instead of a humanoid being in the shape of a Hound, they are shaped like a hawk. However they do not replicate through infecting people, but by eating people and then by making more of themselves through some unknown process after their meal. They seem to fly in packs, and the only way to stop them from attacking you, is to scare them off through making a lot of noise, or by making yourself seem larger than before. If the explorer can get to the top of any mountain, they will be transported to level -12.


The entities that exist in The Lower Zone are Hounds, Smilers, Clumps, Skin-Stealers, Dullers, and female Deathmoths. Also the only entity in The Above Zone, is the Hawks.


The MEG and the Mountain Cavers reside on this level.

The Mountain Cavers are a group of 21 members that reside in one of the mountains, they seem to be friendly and they will show wanderers the best way out of the Equilibrium Zone into the other zones, or they can allow you to join their group. Another thing the group has is a person who has an average drawing skill level, but has an excellent memory. Some of images shown on this page are from that person, because the MEG took pictures of these images from that person (with permission). Also the MEG don't see a reason to risk themselves, to take a real picture of the things on these images, when they already have them in art form.

The MEG resides in the mountain right beside the other group's mountain. They are a group of 6 members trying to learn everything about this level, and they have Decent relations with the other group.


You can get to this level through any negative level above -3, through a cave with a lot of vegetation on it.


You can exit into level 28 through the ruins in the caves, or you can get into level level 27 through an opening at the bottom of the almond water lakes. You can also get into level -12 through entering a manhole in the Below, or by getting to the top of the mountain in the Above.

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