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Class 4

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Level 808 is an infinitely expanding clock tower, with a round clock face located approximately every 50 vertical miles from each other. The gears that constantly grind and churn inside the tower are confirmed to be at least 500 times larger than conventional gears found in clock towers in the Frontrooms. Samples taken from said gears have concluded that they are made of bronze and various metals with small traces of human blood. The tolling of a bell has been reported by Wanderers however the only bells that have been found are hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles up from the starting position of Level 808, so the tolling is either a hallucination or an anomalous effect unique to the Level.

Stairways to the higher areas of Level 808 are made of cobblestone and are lit by torches. (As of yet no instances of The Hikari have been reported) Occasionally one of the cobblestone steps will give out underneath the weight of the Wanderer and they will fall into a massive cavernous area known as the Abyss of the Rejected. At this point they will land on top of human corpses and skeletons covered in rusted gears before being dragged down by hands belonging to an unknown entity, nicknamed the Clockwork Beast or simply The Beast. To date, none who have fallen into the Abyss have escaped, with modern devices such as phones or body cams reappearing on the steps covered in a thick, viscous dark liquid, presumably oil with the words “too complex” scrawled on the side in the same mystery liquid. If one manages to survive long enough up these stairs, they will eventually manage to reach one of the Level’s infinitely respawning clock faces, and further up will be the belfry containing the bells which chime throughout the entire level. At the top of the belfry is a small wooden hatch. If opened and climbed through, Wanderers will find themselves back at the base of the Level.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

The Clockwork Nation

The Clockwork Nation, referred to as such by the few Minutemen that reside there that have been open to interviews, has been described as similar to a Hooverville, with the run-down houses and huts being cobbled together from various assortments of gears and rusted metal, primarily consisting of two rooms with the notable lack of kitchen or restroom facilities, and their member count is as of yet unknown. The exact location of the Nation is also unconfirmed, though rumors speculate that it is located somewhere beyond the Abyss of the Rejected. It is unknown how the Minutemen traverse instances of the Clock Tower above the Abyss, but it is theorized that they have the unique ability to meld and subsequently reappear out of any gears in any instances of the Tower, giving them unlimited range throughout the Level. If by some chance you discover the true location of the Nation however, it is advised that you turn around and try to sneak away without being noticed. The Minutemen are not open to trading and are outwardly hostile to any and all Wanderers not assimilated into their numbers, regardless of provocation.

Additional Content

The Clock Faces, AM and PM States

About halfway up an iteration of Level 808, Wanderers will encounter a stained glass clock face (No instances of Entity 2 have been reported in them) with the standard 1-12 roman numerals. Level 808 is unique in that the clock faces have proven to be set on their own time zones different from any currently known one. Depending on the current time of the Level, the stained glass will be in one of two states. If the glass is colored light blue, then the clock is in its AM state. Whenever the clock strikes an hour, any Wanderer in the Level will be instantly transported to the level of the hour. For example, when the clock strikes 1:00, any Wanderers in the Level will be instantly transported to Level 1, and so on for the other hours progressing up to Level 12. The AM state triggers once the clock hits midnight.

When the clock strikes noon, it will enter into its PM state, where the glass will turn dark purple and any hour struck will result in all Wanderers being transported to Levels 13 through 24. If you wish to travel to a Level and the current time is not close to the Level you desire, you can change the clock's time. This can be done by exploring near the clock face to find a small platform containing a machine that holds two levers that can be spun in a clockwise and counterclockwise motion respectively. On the left-hand side is a handle that will spin clockwise and has a blue light underneath it, and on the right-hand side is a handle that will spin counterclockwise and has a purple light underneath it. Use the left handle to move the clock forward in time, and the right handle to move the clock backwards in time. Be warned, this will alert the entities on the level and anger them. Move the clock hands as close to your desired destination as you can and prepare to run as soon as you hear the unnatural creaking and groaning of metal. This is not the gears of the Tower malfunctioning, as one would assume, but the awakening and shrieking of the Level’s residents.



The Minutemen are one of the very few entities that reside in Level 808, and are immune to the teleportation effect of the clock faces. They resemble human corpses, their faces white and cracked with decay, areas where the skin has rotted away revealing their skeletons replaced with a bronze metal framework as well as gears and sprockets where joints and bones in a normal human would be. They can speak, but it is nearly unintelligible and consists mostly of groaning and shrieking of old metal. If they sense that the time on the clock face has been in any way altered they will emerge from the gaps in between the gears, or sometimes from the gears themselves, and chase the Wanderer responsible. While they are sluggish in their movements, they can merge with the gears and reappear in another section of the Level, with experiments having shown them to possess above-average intelligence.The Minutemen act as a hive mind, focusing on the time-changing Wanderer, though they will diverge their forces if attacked by bystanders. If the Wanderer who changed the time is caught by the Minutemen, they will be dragged to the nearest section of gears and vanish along with all instances of the Minutemen. It is unknown what happens to the captured Wanderers after this event, though it is assumed that they are converted into Minutemen and their remains are fed to the gears of the Tower in order to keep it oiled.

The Clockwork Beast

This entity resides within the Abyss of the Rejected portion of Level 808 and feeds off of the dead or faulty Minutemen deposited into said Abyss. It primarily has a diet consisting of clockwork or old, rusted gears based on its rejection of anything more complex or advanced than the previously listed items from the Abyss. Based on shaky and partially corrupted footage recovered from rejected cameras, the Beast seems to resemble a shark, more specifically a Megalodon from prehistoric times, and hunts its victims through the rustling that running through the gears and corpses produces. It is assumed to be intelligent based on its rejection of complex technology and the writing found on them.

Clockwork King

There is a rare (about 24%) chance that when a Wanderer opens the wooden hatch in the belfry at the top of an iteration of the Tower that instead of restarting back at the base, they will emerge into a small room, black and unfurnished save for a throne made entirely of various sizes of gears, all moving in perfect unison (As with most doors in the Backrooms, the wooden hatch leading back to the belfry vanishes as soon as it is unobserved). Surrounding the room are pistons which are theorized to be the mechanisms that operate the rest of the Clock Tower. The room is cast in a red light from the clock face set against the back wall. The first reports of this room state that the clock was set at 11:00 PM, while more recent reports show that the time has progressed to 11:45 PM. To date, no way has been found to set this red clock face backwards or forwards in time.

Seated upon the Geared Throne is a skeletal being clad in a red robe, wearing a bejeweled crown with red, green, and blue jewels. The entity appears to be modeled after a human skeleton, save for the head which while still made of bronze is incredibly accurate to that of a real skull. The Entity has been reported to have rasping and laborious breath and holds a hammer placed between its legs on the throne. Once it is approached, the Entity will whir into life, orange sparks flying from its eye sockets until small fires emerge. It will slowly rise from the Throne with creaking and measured movements as the gears grind. Once it is at its full height (~8 ft) it will raise the hammer above itself and whisper “Tick, tock” before bringing the hammer down to the feet of the Wanderer, causing the floor to collapse and plummeting them into the Court of the Clockwork King.


Court of the Clockwork King

What follows this altercation is a high-speed chase through the bowels of the Tower, nicknamed the “Court of the Clockwork King” by survivors. Wanderers will have a moment’s rest before scores of Minutemen will rush from all directions along with the Clockwork King itself. Accounts from this point forward are unreliable at best due to the terror most Wanderers find themselves in, but most report running through corridors of sharp, fast-rotating gears, corridors in which boiling steam blinds them, and fake dead ends where walls move at the last moment to reveal more space, all while being chased by an ever-growing number of Minutemen. If caught, Wanderers will be converted into Minutemen. However, if Wanderers reach a certain point in the chase, they will find themselves face to face with the Clockwork King at a dead end.

He will raise his hammer high above him before the floor drops out from underneath the Wanderer and deposits them into a different level. Most report that the Level they were transported to was the one they were attempting to reach or where they most wished to be, and that while a sense of time dilation occurred in their view, the chase only lasted for exactly 60 seconds. Through experiments, it has been determined that surviving the Trial of the Clockwork King cannot result in Wanderers being transported back into the Frontrooms.


What follows is a small diary recovered from a Wanderer during their brief stay in the Clockwork King’s room before its activation.

Entrances and Exits


-To enter Level 808, simply stare into the face of a grandfather clock (most commonly found on Level 5) for 12 minutes, at which point no matter if the clock is anchored to anything, it will fall over onto you. Instead of crushing you, you will be instantly transported to the base of Level 808.

-Move one of the massive large circular clocks located on Level 800 and climb through the resulting hole to be transported to a clock face on Level 808.


-Survive long enough for the clock to strike the hour, in which case you will be transported to that Level.

-Endure for one minute in the Trial of the Clockwork King to be transported to your Level of choice within the 12 available.

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