the danger
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Class deadzone

  • {$one}
  • {$two}
  • {$three}

Change this class level according to level description
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Short introduction i.e
Level n is the 975+1th Level of the Backrooms.

Then you can add a short introduction.


Level description this level is a long red maze with a corner some time

**Bases, Outposts and Community

is a base name suvivoriom member 90

Base/Outpost/Community A

You can put

Base/Outpost/Community B

Short description of the Base/Outpost/Community

Additional Content

some time in this level a dark maze with hallway this have 12%

Entrances And Exits

Add any entrances and exits to other levels.


If you no clipp on level 5 level you will send to this level


If your survive 30 day in this level you will send to only safe level

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