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  • Corrupted Files
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The image taken inside of Level 248.

Level 248 is the initially empty and endless office building with many hallways which resembles that of a high school. These hallways may contain a single wooden table, and various items can be found such as Almond Water or Candy. Unfortunately one will not find them; if they do manage to find one, the item may disappear in front of their eyes. It all depends on luck.

In Level 248 paranoia feeling have been reported. Traveling in groups of 2 or more may prevent this effect. It's advised to drink Almond Water feelings of paranoia becomes overwhelming and wanderers themselves no longer feel safe at that moment.

Each devices that has capacity to reveal time such as; clocks, mobile gadgets, computers and different electrical devices shows exactly 00:00 AM, this effect remain all of time and cannot be change by Backrooms entities or anomalous objects and items.


To enter the Darklands wanderers have to find wall corner with its covered with shadow but is much more brighter then regular one.

In Darklands if wandering long enough wanderer can notice apartments these doesn't required any keys to enter, common items or furniture can be found inside. These buildings aren't dangerous quite habitable, however, the outside isn't a safe place in Darklands because wanderers can cross some entities such as: Skin Stealers, Smilers and Death Moths.

The temperature on Darklands always stays at 21°C rain and thunderstorms can occur in Darklands, during these activities any entities will dematerialize, while such events the outside becoming an safe place the perfect place to rest…don't you?

Bases, Outpost, Communities

Not many known bases has been noted within Level 248 and most of them are undiscovered yet.

M.E.G. (Major Explorer Group) Base Atlas:

  • Located in Level 248 in the room with hanging sign saying {"Humans Only"}
  • Databse M.E.G. that housing files of; levels, entities, and object. Any wanderer can take a look.
  • Friendly to wanderers.
  • The base have around 30 members.

T.E.O.A. (The Eyes Of Argos) Outpost SilverShine:

  • Unknown location.
  • Unknown members count.
  • Friendly towards wanderers.
  • Unknown reason of creation.

Entrances and Exits


  • Noclip through a table with has infinity symbol written by blood in any levels.
  • Noclip through whiteout window in Level 4.
  • Entering via maranti door in Level 3 can teleport one here.
  • Find a radio in one of the houses inside of Level 9 then say "endless is unterminated" for 1 week in a row.


  • Find and touch yellow duck toy on Level 248 it will teleport one to Level 0.
  • Enter Darklands, look for metal doors, they are locked and required red glowing key. These can be found on floor in outside. Entering though metal doors opening them with key one will be send to Level 11 nocliping though doors with no key one can be send to The Void.

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