The Portal Room


Class 4

  • Unsafe
  • Secure
  • Medium Entity Count

The Portal Room is an enigmatic level in the Backrooms. It was discovered by a wanderer when she performed the ritual.


The Portal Room is divided into 3 areas. The Spawn, The Challenge, and the Reward. The M.E.G have discovered that all these areas have one thing in common; they are all non-euclidian and have the ability to break the laws of physics at will. Most of the areas are checkered, which have a slight similarity to a certain level. The walls will always be covered in red, green, and blue paint. Neon lights cover the ceiling which will blind you if you stare at them for more than 40 seconds. Security cameras are everywhere, implying that someone created this level. Some rooms might actually be flooded with cameras. However, these are almost always inactive.

The Spawn

The Spawn is a checkered maze full of security cameras and entities such as Smilers, Hounds, Skin-Stealers, Windows, Clumps, and even in rare cases Jerry can be found here. Almond Water and Royal Rations are scattered in the maze. The only source of lights is dimly-lit candles found on tables about 35 rooms away from each other. If you see one, make sure to take it with you. To escape this part of the level, you need to follow very specific instructions.

When you enter the maze, take a left turn and walk to the end of the hallway. A door should be there. Knock on the door exactly 13 times without pausing. A man's voice will tell you to come inside. Wait exactly 15 seconds, no more, no less, and open the door. You should see a T-shaped hallway. Continue to walk straight and you will come across another door. Knock on the door as loud as you can and kick it down. A figure of a man will appear and he will start to run. You must chase after him for at least 5 minutes. Once he stops, look the other way for 10 seconds, even if you hear someone breathing in your ear. Do not close your eyes. Once you have done all these steps correctly, find the nearest door and open it. You will then end up in The Challenge.

The Challenge

The Challenge is the hardest part of The Portal Room, hence the name. The challenges are always random, but it is always guaranteed you will run into an entity. A documented list of challenges can be found here:

Instead of red, this room is filled with blue-checkered walls. The floor and ceiling are also this texture. The only way to beat this part of The Portal Room is by completing 5 to 100 challenges. It depends on how he feels about you. If you have successfully completed all of the challenges, a noclipped wall will be spawned into the room. However, the lights will be turned off and you will be given 15 minutes to find the exit. If you noclip successfully, you will end up in The Reward.


We are unsure if The Reward is a part of The Portal Room or just another level. Whatever the answer is, we all know one thing. The Reward is a blessing in the Backrooms.

The Reward

The Reward is the final area of The Portal Room, and it's where the name, "Portal" comes in. This level is an infinite room with no apparent end. Instead of blue and red, green-checkered walls line the floor, ceiling, and walls. Sleeping bags, fridges, guns, and other supplies are stored everywhere in The Reward. In the middle of the room, or at least, what The M.E.G think, lies a small box flipped on its side. On top of it are a note and a piece of paper. When you write down a location, it will teleport you there. The M.E.G have attempted to use this to teleport back to The Frontrooms, but this attempt failed as the officer who tried to use it burnt to death.

Colonies and Outposts

No colonies or outposts are allowed to be made in any part of the level. The M.E.G has attempted this, but they were attacked by hordes of Smilers. Everyone within a 35-mile radius was killed by them.

Entrances and Exits


The only confirmed entrance to The Portal Room is randomly getting teleported to the level while performing the ritual.


In The Reward, you can easily escape by writing down the level you want to go to, and you shall teleport there. It is recommended to collect supplies before heading out.

In The Challenge, it is theorized you can enter The Hive by noclipping into a half-eaten Royal Ration.

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