The Pestilence
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Hehazzzz- zz bzz- I- Itzzz Itzz me!.

Habitat: The Hotel.

In The Hotel… things are not always as they seem.

Many different beings roam these lands as their home. Doing all their daily tasks at hand…

It is all they do…

No less… no more.

It is their job. It's what they were all made to do.

They may seem like monsters…

Most of them are. But some are…

More monstrous than others…

Throughout the halls lies a pest. Craving terror to satisfy its hunger.

Heheh- huhahah! Hahahahzzzzzzzz!

Pitter patter… it echoes as he keeps running… hope is seemingly so far away. But he keeps running. He trusts in The M.E.G. He thinks he could make it out. But he doesn't believe it.

Bzuzuzuz- bzz f- fu -f- freszzz FRESH FOOD!!

He can hear the screams of his friends behind him, calling out his name. He let's a tear flow, but it's too late for them. He doesn't look back as the sound of flesh and bone turning into simple mush echoes behind him. No, he's running out of breath, he can't run for much longer.

He stops… he hears it he hears, silence.

Did he escape this monster?

Did he just survive?

His mind wanders all over the place… he doesn't know what to do other then keep moving. He says to himself… I am safe. He sits back down near a antique table with a bronze lamp sitting upon it. He reaches to his diary to write down his horrifying encounter… but…

He couldn't. He knows that all of his friends are no longer there. He has no more motivation to write anything anymore.

Everything was quiet…

It was… too perfect.

He began to close his eyes… it was a long day.

That was until…

Huha- hahaha! I- Hehzzz I- I ca- zzz I can smell you! hehehazzzz!

A swarm of Deathmoths flood the hall like a tsunami…

He whispers to himself… This is it.

He doesn't move… he doesn't run. He has no reason to. Everyone that he cared for was already gone.

The wings of the swarm is sharp, razor sharp, cutting the skin of the Wanderer so fast he can't even think.

After realizing these wounds, he screams in pain.

The swarm flies up to the celling to create a shape, which then takes form into… him…

M- More- More! Bzhahaha! GIMME MORE!

The hideous creature that is The Pestilence greets the Wanderer with a warm welcome.

F- Food buzzzahah, gimme g- bzzz- gimme your FLESH! HAHAHAZZZZ!!

He sees him on the ceiling… the Wanderer couldn't handle the sheer pain. He tries to run away, but his leg is too wounded to run.

He wasn't prepared for the immense pain.

The Pestilence jumps from the ceiling to the wall as he crawls at incredible speeds, knocking every table and bookshelf out of his way, jumping to slash the Wanderer, already bleeding out. The Pestilence is ripping chunks off his body, consuming them. He was knocked to the ground dying as The Pestilence opened his mouth as a long tube slithers out of it.

P- please no, NO!

The tub has multiple rows of large razor sharp teeth around it's edges, as it inserts into the Wanderer's stomach. The wanderer screams in agony as eggs are being transferred into his body.

A new nest has been made…

For the hive.


The Pestilence gets back up. He looks across the hall and sees… a bystander.

OOOOOHOHOHOHOOHOOOO- Oh- Bzzzuz. T- Tu- Taaasty!

The Wanderer began spiriting away… fearing for their life.

Hehehahahahaaaazzzz! C- cuh- come- come baaackzzz! I NEEEED MOOAAAAR!

The Wanderer had turned to their right, sprinting down the halls. The Pestilence was moving so fast it crashed into a large cabinet filled with dirty laundry. It struggled to get out but it eventually torn it all to shreds.

By the time it got free of its cloth prison it looked around.. realizing its prey is far, far away.

And then… as if it was in a flash.

The Pestilence finds himself in a familiar place.

Welcome back, dear Pestilence.

Uhuhuhhh Huzzz!?

Make yourself comfortable… well, if you can. This is going to be a long conversation.


Now, where to begin… ah yes! Your reckless rampages are an utter annoyance for myself and the rest of staff.


Your careless nature is tearing up the wallpaper and every piece of furniture you come across.

B- Bzzzz B- Bu- hhaheh- B- But I huuuunger hehahazzzzzzz.

Must be why you place such a variety of hives across my hotel.

Mu- hahehzz must fu- feed t- to reproduuucezzzz.

Yes, your constant hunger creates the flying nuisances that lay their nests in our staff closets.

The Housekeeper find many of your creatures contained within her feather duster. They are found within our drinks and infesting our ingredients. Not to mention the countless times The Concierge had complained about these annoyances laying eggs in its ear when resting.

Hehzz, hehaha! Ktth! Ktth!.

Do you find this funny?

Ktth! Hahahahazzz v- vuv- vuh- verrrrry Ktthzzz..

Sigh… How about a deal?

There are many abandoned parts of this hotel… why not form your nests around there? And if you are more careful within my halls I will reward you with your… precious foods.

You can have a supply of whatever food you want, but do not interrupt with my business. Do we have a deal?

Huhuhhaha Yeeeeesssssssszzzz F- fu- zzz Freeesh foodd hehahazzzz!

(The Pestilence jumps to the ceiling and leaves through the office door while crawling on the ceiling, then dropping to fly off through the halls.)

Sigh… Imbecile.

Later that day… in the halls of The Hotel. A woman, albeit a strange one, is taking a stroll while humming a familiar tune to herself. As it echoed throughout Main Halls, feather duster in hand, she then… noticed something is off.

Entity 111: Oh… how lovely.

The shredded corpses of four wanderers are scattered through the main halls, furniture broken at every turn…

Entity 111: This is going to be a long day.

She then continues… to hum to herself. This will indeed be a long day…

Bzzzzuahahahahaha!- WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAZZZZZZZ!… Bzzuzuzz…

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