The Jhadows

The Jhadows (JShadows)
JShadows İs A Entity İn The Backrooms

Habitats:Completely Dark Places


Dark JShadows Are Hostile Kind Ones They Are Completely Dark (Wow) And Blood Juice Thirsty They Hold A
Weapon İtem Commonly A Sword, Bow Or A Mace. And Also Rarely A Random Animal From "Frontrooms" (We Dont Know How They Use That As A Weapon)
They KİLL Help Wanderers And M. E. G Other Entities. Has A =) Smile Just Like The P. G. İf They Touch You You'll Become One Of Them. And Also Can Make You Become A Human Im Happy When I Have You Coraline…

Do's And Dont's

Keep Eye Content
Get Their Weapon
Act Like An İdiot

Keep Your Distinse (They Will Become More Hostile Depending How Far You Are To Them)
Look Away

White JShadows Are The Non-Hostile (Pasive) Ones They Are Very Aware And Will Help You (Protect You) From The Dark Ones No Mather What.

Do And Dont

Do:Keep Breathing (They Like İt İdk Why)
Dont:Swear Or Say "No One İs Perfect"

"Please, Take Me And Let Her Go….. "

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