The Midnight Museum


Class 4

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Image of one of the many Midnight Museum's corridors. Photographer presumed dead.


This backroom level consists of a classic infinite art museum, with random objects and art in its rooms, without any consistency. It has a time cycle of 6 hours of day and 18 of night. This level might feel secure when you enter it, but it's in fact very dangerous to stay there for a long time, and you should quickly find an exit to avoid getting killed by its entities. The only entities living in there are Keers, which are only present at night, and you might observe them at a moderate frequency.


Only known entities that live here are Keers, which are frequent. You then should exit the level as quickly as possible to avoid any contact with them.

Bases, Outposts and communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this Level.

Entrances and exits


- You can enter the level by no-clipping into any advertisement mentionning a Midnight Museum event in Level 77 or Level 11.
- You can also enter by sleeping in a 100m radius around a museum in Level 11.


The ways you can exit this level are rare, so you should search immediatly when you enter the level:
- You can first no-clip through the ads about shops of Level 11, which you can only find at the entry of the museum.
- You can also exit it by finding the museum guardian’s room, in which you’ll then need to sleep, and you’ll end in Level 4
- Finally, you can exit by finding and sleeping into Museum’s reserves, and you’ll be teleported in Level 20.

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