The grey out


Class 3

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The greyout is a sublevel between the whiteout and the blackout. The grey out has the same layout of the whiteout and blackout levels although with some differences. The grey out is a small suburban house. The Wi-Fi is strong on this level. The walls are painted grey and the floor has a grey floor planing. The level has many rooms connected by grey doors. There are multiple kinds of rooms on the level each containing many properties. The living room is the first room anyone will see when entering the level
The room has a coach on one side and 4 doors on the other side the first door leads the garage and the next door leads to the bathroom and the right door leads to the child’s bedroom, the top door will lead to the TV room. There is also one window behind the coach the window shows an out side area. In the center of the coach it has a small table. The garage is a room containing gym equipment, a washer and a dryer and camp equipment the garage has a trapdoor on the floor or on the Serling that lead to the basement and the attic. What ever you do DONT ENTER THE BOTTOM TRAP DOOR. The bathroom is a small bathroom containing a sink and a bath tub. The small room contains a bar of soap 4 in 1 body wash a mirror have similar effects as object 6 and cleaning supplies the door to the bathroom is sometime closed and shower sounds can be heard. The child’s bedrooms contains the place for the singular entity found in the grey out known as the child. The child is a freindly entity seemingly to around 10-12 years old. The entity can offer food such as chips, almond water, luck o milk with cookies, and milkshakes. More info can be found later. The child’s bedroom contains a tv a bed a table and a computer. The tv and computer are used only for games. The table is used for “boring stuff such as homework” when asked about it to the child. The kitchen is a small room containing a sink, a stove, a microwave, a fridge, an oven, and an air fryer. It is often that the child will get out of his room and make food while drinking cashew water. He often says. I might not near food but I sure do have an appetite. His food is mostly basic like eggs, chess sticks and chicken nuggets. Then he washes his plates once he’s done eating. A door is connected to the kitchen although it is locked. The child says it leads to my parents bedrooms. It is unknown what this means.
The basement is a cold foggy basement filled with hostile entities. nothing lies here but an empty concrete expanse. The attic is a wooden attic containing boxes with little supplies and many entities. The TV rooms has a coach with the tv on the other side. Some times the child is seen here watch videos . The back yard is the final room of this level it is similar to an average suburban back yard containing a grill and a table.

The Child
The child is a friendly entity that gives wanderers food and almond water. The entity resembles a white child with a red shirt on at all times. His left eye is a bright white and his right eye is a pitch black. The entity feeds on cashew water and the food he makes. The child spends most of his time on the his room but is known to wander his home.

Basses,Outpost and Communities
Cross base
•Located in the attic
•Made by the MEG the BNTG and backrooms remodeling co
•Here to study the enigmatic properties of the house and the child.

Entrances and Exits
•Use a grey door in the whiteout or the Blackout
•Break a wall in level omega
•Use and exit door on the end
•No-Clip in the garage to enter level 22 or 35
•No-Clip in the attic to enter level 19
•Enter a vent to enter level 96
•No-Clip in the backyard to be sent to level 62 or 37
•No-Clip in the restroom to enter level 189
•Find a white door to enter the white out
•Find a black door to enter the black out
•Playing the “arcade pack game” on the bedroom will lead to level 25 31 or 40

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