The Degenerate's bonezone beta thing
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Class 4

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • High Entity Count

Picture taken by an unknown wanderer(doggie placeholder)

Level 457 is the 458th Level of the Backrooms


This level was very recently discovered by a group of Splinter terrorists after a particularly violent terrorist incident in which a giant pit generated under them in level 6.1, the room in which the pit has appeared is currently quarantined and only M.E.G operatives are allowed.

This level is reminiscent of a mass grave that extends to about 89 squared miles of pure human gore, including a lake of red, stagnant and rotting human blood, this level is particularly dangerous because of the event called "Corpse rain" because of the possibility of being crushed by the falling bodies and the fragments of bone after the fall can be very dangerous, these risks aren't unrewarded either, as weapons and many supplies can be found in the floor, or the clothing of the corpses, it is theorized that the wanderers that die in the backrooms under specific circumstances are thrown in here, it's not known how or why this happens but it's theorized that the pit opened because of the amount of people that died in level 6.1 at the same time

There are a few Entities that reside here, and all of them are quite dangerous and aren't rare to come by, these entities include:

•Red Kins (in rare occasions)

And a few endemic entities, these include:


Here's a quick summary of them

Bloated are half rotten reanimated corpses, they are hungry for anything actually alive, however they are slow, frail and flammable, but they are abundant near the Red Lake

Corruptors are large piles of flesh that spread spores of a variety of mold that feeds on the corpses, it's adviced to have a gas mask when nearing them, however they aren't too dangerous by themselves, as they are stationary and immobile

Corrupted are fungi-ridden wanderers (or in this case, Splinter soldiers) that are being controlled by the mold inside their bodies, they aren't smart, but they are quick and can overcome a wanderer to infect it and keep spreading the mold

Bloodworms are small red worms that lurk under the carcasses, they can be eaten, but they are venomous, and they inject necrotic venom

This level has some very important features that are important to your survival

The flesh of the corpses is edible if cooked for enough time

The blood is also drinkable, but it decreases your sanity really quickly, bring almond water

The entities are scared of fire, so bringing firesalt and/or some kind of flamethrowing device, such as a lighter and bug spray is really useful, especially when near Bloated

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Due to the nature of the level and the short amount of time since it's discovery, no outpost has been created yet

Entrances And Exits:


Throwing yourself through the relatively small pit in level 6.1 will lead you to this level, oddly enough, the fall will not harm you


To exit you must escalate the 9 mile deep pit, the walls are fit for climbing with relative ease, even without tools or special equipment, and are devoid of entities but is still dangerous

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