The Backrooms Roamer

Level 1.9

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Class 1

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Level 1.9 is almost a copy of level 1, the level looks like an garage of a building, the floor is wet and it is possible to trip over an pipe,that can be seen rarely, taking you to level 2.
the level is infinite and very confusing to wanderers, since there is a chance you will return to a random point you already passed.
Because of this it is very difficult to explore the level, being almost IMPOSSIBLE to completely map it.
In the entrance there is an elevator and stairs, the elevator's carpet have an terrible smell of moist, just like Level 0's carpet.


in this level you find Facelings, Female and Male Deathmoths, Skins-Stealers and Smilers


None, at the moment



Noclipping in a car door inside of a building in level 11 can bring you here.

Walking 1.900 miles in Level 0 have a chance of getting you here (supposed enter)


Climb the stairs in the level, then in the second floor walk in circles for 3 minutes, then climbing the stairs again and noclipping in a wall will send you to The Hub

Getting the elevator in the level will take you to any level you think while inside (level 1, 2, 4, 6, 10, 11 etc…)

Tripping over a pipe have a chance of teleporting you to level 2

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