Level -11 - Not so Safe and Sound

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Class 3

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Level -11 is an enigmatic level of the Backrooms.


Level -11 is a Large, hilly area completely devoid of animal life. This level is very unstable. The ground is prone to sudden shifts, causing anything near to No-Clip or half No-Clip. No-Clipping here leads to Level -5. Sudden holes may also appear. These holes can range from 2 feet deep to 300 feet deep. Falling can be very fatal and it is advised to be careful. This level is infinite. Trees can also be found here. No-Clipping into a standing tree leads to Level 23. If you No-Clip into an upside-down one, you will be taken to Megaflora. In the center of the level, you can find a single house. Entry can be achieved as simple as walking past the front door. When entering, various objects can be found such as Almond Water, Firesalt, Royal Rations, and rarely a broken down version of The Everything Machine. When an attempt to leave the house it done, one will end up in Level 11 instead of outside. You will come into Level 11 whatever way you entered coming out of a random house [ Ex - Opening the door - leaving the front door, breaking and climbing through window - climbing out of a broken window ]. If you stay inside for more than 10 minutes, you will faint and will wake up in Level 69 outside on a sidewalk, assuming you haven't already been taken from Those from Above or another entity.


Almond Water spilled on the floor.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Abandoned - M.E.G Base, HouseKeepers

  • Was established to find more about the house.
  • Was destroyed when everyone teleported to Level 69.
  • This was how the Level 69 exit was discovered

Entrances And Exits


Entering a Small and Abandoned house on level 11.
No-Clipping into a Painting of a Country-Side House on Level 1 or Level 56.


No-Clipping leads to Level -5.
No-Clipping into a tree leads to either level 23 or megaflora depending on the type of tree
Exiting the house leads to level 11.
Staying in the house will teleport you to level 69.
Using the Mountain King Ritual also works.

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