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Class 3

  • Unsecure
  • Low Entity Count
  • Mild Environmental Hazards

A rare tree in the Safe Area

Level 174 is the 175th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 174 is a long, flat plane of grass. This level is not Infinite as it is 20,000 Miles long in all directions. This level is relatively dangerous but can be habited if necessary precautions are taken. This level does have a day-night cycle of 5 daylight hours and 3 nighttime hours. There are 3 Areas to this level.

The Safe Area

This is the beginning area. This area is only slightly dangerous as the only entities that can be found here are Windows in the shack and Wretches. This is also where the Fieldkeepers reside. They are a small group and are willing to help you find exits. They will also guide you towards later sections. There are occasional trees that can be found here that when No-Clipped into, will take you to the Crimson Forest. When No-Clipping into this level, one will end up in a shack. Here, multiple objects can be found such as Almond Water, Firesalt, and rarely Royal Rations. Do note that these objects won't replenish until another person enters. This shack is also located next to the border, meaning that falling off to Level 11 would be a good option too.

The Mild Area

The Mild Area is the second area of this level and covers a quarter of the level. This area is shown to be not safe but not extremely dangerous. There are occasional Hounds and Skin Stealers roaming around. It is very easy to find Almond Water and pretty rarely, Royal Rations. The level here random and inconsistently erupts fires in random patches of grass. Any trees here will still lead to the Crimson Forest but if the wanderer No-Clipping has a fear of nature, they will instead enter Level 666. Surprisingly [ and conveniently ], trees do not burn, so it is not too late to leave before proceeding. Sometimes, one may find holes in the dirt. Entering them has a chance of leading to Level 39 or Level 49. Storms are common here despite the fire and will put out any current fires as well as ones before they start. During night Smilers can appear. Keep proceeding forwards and feel for temperature increase to signify that you have entered the Danger Zone.

The Danger Zone


A bottomless pit

This is the last possible zone to enter. While it may seem relatively safe because of the lack of entities, things here will go downhill fast. This level is very unstable as large cracks in the ground may appear and host lava inside. There is also bottomless pits that can appear like sinkholes. They, as mentioned earlier, are Bottomless. Every 15 minutes a volcano will erupt from the ground. This can appear anywhere in the Danger Zone, meaning that it can appear from beneath your feet. These factors may be why this area is devoid of entities. The volcano that can appear has been identified to be a regular Frontrooms volcano for one exception. It is rumored that jumping into a volcano has a chance to lead to an Unidentified Level. There are clouds that can appear here too. If you manage to No-Clip into one, you will end up in Level 998.

Additional Info

Because of the similarities between Level 998 and this Level, it is believed these two are somehow connected. More research is being conducted to this.

Outposts and Communities

The FieldKeepers

  • Live in the Safe Area
  • Friendly and open for trade

Entrances And Exits


Can be entered via-
Level 11 by No-Clipping into any open patch of grass.
Level 0 by entering a shed door.
Level 197 by sitting and closing your eyes on a patch of grass in Zone 1.
Level 49 by falling into a rare hole on the battlefield.


Crimson Forest by No-Clipping into a tree in the Safe Area or the Mild Area
Level 39 or Level 49 by falling into a hole in the Mild Area
Level 666 by No-Clipping into a tree with a fear of nature.
Level 11 by falling off the edge. You will land safely in a bed. If you entered from Level 11 then you will land on the patch of grass you entered through.
There may be an exit by jumping into the Volcano.
No-Clipping through a cloud in The Danger Zone will lead to Level 998.

Interview with: Anonymous Member of The Fieldkeepers

Interviewer: John Krub of The M.E.G

Anonymous: May we begin?

John: Alright, I have a couple questions for you.

Anonymous: Ok.

John: What is it like being out here?

Anonymous: It's pretty peaceful. Nothing really happens here.

John: What do you do in your freetime?

Anonymous: We usually venture into the other two zones for resources.

John: Ok, well how many members are in your group?

Anonymous: Last time I checked, it was 54.

John: Have you had any deaths in your group?

Anonymous: Some… I don't want to elaborate on that though.

John: Ok, what do you usually encouter in the Mild Area?

Anonymous: We normally go out during the night.

John: Ok

Anonymous: So there's lots of Smilers there, as I'm sure you already knew.

John: Yes, the database has lots of documented entities with it.

Anonymous: Sometimes, we find the occasional Hound too.

John: ( Writes down- Hounds and Smilers ). Ok, can you tell me anything about the volcano?

Anonymous: Not much, it's too dangerous to get near, but it has plenty of jewels.

Anonymous: Sometimes, people fall in. We presume them dead.

Anonymous: …

Anonymous: But they come back through the entrance to our domain.

John: Do you think this has anything to do with an undiscovered level in the volcano?

Anonymous: Maybe.

John: Alright, I think that's it for today.

John: Thank you for this Information.

Anonymous: It's all good. Come back anytime!

Results: It seems like they know how to survive here, but the Volcano is something we should look into.

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