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Mental Helms are a distinct type of helmet that possess a unique appearance, often described as old, damaged, and worn, and which may exhibit various signs of wear and tear, including scratches, dents, and discoloration.


An instance of a Mental Helm, the Helm is atop a M.E.G filing cabinet


Mental Helms refer to a specific type of helmet that can be identified by their distinct characteristics. They are often coated with khaki or more rarely British khaki paint, which can show signs of wear such as peeling and scratch marks. Mental Helms typically have a smooth surface texture and a circumference ranging from 21.75" to 23.25.

While most Mental Helms exhibit signs of wear and tear, some may appear completely undamaged or may display significant damage, such as indentations, tears, or missing sections of the rim. Regardless of their condition, all Mental Helms feature a unique rhombus shape with a capital "M" located beneath it.

It is important to note that Mental Helms may not always be equipped with proper straps for secure attachment, and the interior of the helmet may lack a soft material lining. Therefore, it is essential to inspect Mental Helms closely before use to ensure that they provide adequate protection.


Mental Helms exhibit the typical properties of standard helmets and can be utilized for their intended purposes. However, in addition to these features, Mental Helms possess the unique ability to enhance the wearer's morale. Furthermore, they possess the capability to counteract mental and psychological effects that may arise from exposure to Levels, Entities, and Objects. This includes effects that are related to sound, sight, perception, and mood, which may target the wearer's mind or psychological state. Mental Helms are most effective against Entity's effects and least effective regarding Level effects, despite this they can work on both of those and Objects.

The mechanism by which Mental Helms counteract such effects is not fully understood but is speculated to involve reducing mental effects and impacts on the wearer, this dose not completely cancle the effects and may not work if the effect is too powerful, additionally Mental Helms may simply cease to work on an effect by chance. Despite this if a Mental Helm is worn for a sufficient duration, immunity to these effects may develop while the helmet is worn. It should be noted that removal of the helmet resets this immunity, and it must be acquired again by wearing the helmet for an extended period.

Nevertheless, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks of using Mental Helms. Extended periods of use may result in energy depletion for the wearer, leading to symptoms such as lethargy, slight dizziness, and ultimately, fatigue. Extended use of Mental Helms can lead to energy depletion for the wearer, resulting in effect of the symptoms said above. This duration is typically around 15 to 25 hours.


Most individuals carry a Mental Helm to protect their head from harm caused by obstacles and entities or levels while navigating the Backrooms. In addition owing to the primary function of a Mental Helm being to reduce the impact of mental and psychological effects on the wearer's mind and psychological state Wanderers that have a Mental Helm in there possession use it for that purpose.

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